The 19th Anniversary of the Deep State Attack On America

The 19th Anniversary of the Deep State Attack On America Paul Craig Roberts Most anniversaries of September 11, 2001, I have written an article presenting yet...

Control of offshore gas and oil provokes conflicts in eastern Mediterranean

The dispatch of Turkish troops to Libya, the bitter dispute between France and Italy over military policy at December’s NATO summit in...

The Rise of the Present Unconventional Character of Warfare

The character of war has changed. Technological advancements and operational approaches have changed the face of warfare. Conventionally-focused Western militaries have created...

Security Council extends mandate of UN mission in Somalia.

UNITED NATIONS:- The Security Council on Friday adopted a resolution to renew the mandate of the UN Assistance...

Top Turkish diplomat, NATO chief talk E.Mediterranean

Dialogue and reducing tension would be good for the region, NATO chief Stoltenberg tells Turkey's Cavusoglu

Germany deploys 250 soldiers for Libyan arms embargo mission

The Hamburg frigate departs from Germany's Wilhelmshaven on a five-month mission to enforce a UN arms embargo.

Remembering the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire

What: The dissolution and division of the Ottoman Empire and its former territories through the Treaty of Lausanne, leading to the establishment of the modern...

Opinion | Is an Israeli Diamond Tycoon Using Trump-adjacent Lobbyists to Subvert U.S. Foreign Policy?

If mining tycoon Dan Gertler finds a way to skirt the U.S. sanctions already imposed on him, that will seriously undermine U.S. anti-corruption efforts...

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