Horn Of Africa

Africa is not poor, we are stealing its wealth

It’s time to change the way we talk and think about Africa. Africa is poor, but we can try to help its people. It’s a simple statement,...

Africa in Review: Imperialist Foreign Policy Breeds Military Conflict and Disunity

From Libya to the Horn of Africa, Washington and its neo-colonial apparatus stifles Pan-African development

Did Africa expect too much from Obama?

YES. Obama is a Kenyan American, not an American Kenyan. As such, like all other American presidents before him, Obama’s first priority has been to...

Libya Congress rejects new PM Ahmed Maiteg

Libya's Congress leader has rejected the appointment of a new interim prime minister hours after he was sworn in. Ahmed Maiteg thought he had secured...

Mozambique: From Marxism to market

British journalist Paul Fauvet came to Mozambique in 1980 just as the country was plunged into a civil war. He has witnessed every key...

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