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Prof. Dr. Bischara Ali Egal

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Biden administration to lift blacklisting of Yemen’s Houthis

Joe Biden has moved to reverse US policy on Yemen, aiming to intensify diplomacy to end the nation’s civil war. US Secretary of State Antony...

Angola exposé: Joining the dots

In the first of a five-part series on Angola's campaign to find its stolen funds, we meet the man central to the country's hunt...

Whiteness is at the core of the insurrection

A white man, a smug grin on his face, hauls off a congressional lectern. Another sports a gun at his waist and carries zip ties,...

Balkanization and Hybrid Warfare Against Sudan

In November, 2017, Former Sudanese Pres. Omar Al-Bashir paid a quick and urgent arranged visit to pleading with President Putin “that his country needs protection from...

Turkey donates 12 military vehicles to Somalia

Turkey on Thursday donated 12 new armored personnel carriers to the Somali military to support its fight against al-Qaeda affiliated group al-Shabaab.

The Emirate Hybrid-Warfare and Regime Change Plans against Djibouti. By Dr. Bischara A. EGAL. July 7th, 2020. Part2

The most pernicious sea in Africa’s history may well be the Red Sea. This thin line of water has been deemed...

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