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Has India become a Police State?

The authors, Steven Levitsky and Daniel Zibalatt, in their famous book titled “How Democracies Die: What History Reveals about Future” have said that “Democracies...

‘Ambitious but incapable’ Macron cause of mayhem in France

Turkish President Erdogan lashes out at French President Macron, who has blamed Turkey for problems in Syria, Libya, and the eastern Mediterranean, in the...

The Sultan, the Imam and the Question of Oman

The tension between Oman’s outward-looking coastal regions and its religious interior came to a head in the 20th century. Would the country...

Control of offshore gas and oil provokes conflicts in eastern Mediterranean

The dispatch of Turkish troops to Libya, the bitter dispute between France and Italy over military policy at December’s NATO summit in...

Turkey donates 12 military vehicles to Somalia

Turkey on Thursday donated 12 new armored personnel carriers to the Somali military to support its fight against al-Qaeda affiliated group al-Shabaab.

What do we know about Fifth Generation Warfare?

Centuries ago, in the Eastern Zhou, one of the most integral works of warfare were being inked...

Putin, Erdogan discuss conflicts in Libya, Syria in phone call

The Kremlin said the call’s main focus was on the crisis in LibyaIt also said both leaders...

Top Turkish diplomat, NATO chief talk E.Mediterranean

Dialogue and reducing tension would be good for the region, NATO chief Stoltenberg tells Turkey's Cavusoglu

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