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UAE’s Mohammad bin Zayed: The man in charge of the Middle East’s terror traffic! We will hold you responsible for any terror attack against Turkey! CHP, Good Party, Felicity Party: Who’s placing you on the same front with Sisi, terror Emir, Saudis and Haftar?


Mohammad bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The crown prince of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The terror baron of the Middle East. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman was caught red handed in the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, while bin Zayed was implicated in the terror attack that killed 81 people.

He fights Turkey in all corners of the region; he funds every anti-Turkey terrorist organization; attempts covert operations and assassinations; controls dirty money and terror traffic and hired murderers and gangs such as Mohammad Dahlan.

Order to kill was given by UAE Crown Prince Mohammad bin Zayed

He was behind another atrocious massacre Saturday, this time in Somalian capital Mogadishu. The bomb vehicle that was detonated in the early hours of the day led to the deaths of as many as 81 people, including two Turkish engineers, primarily students and police.

Prior to the attack, there was a meeting between the UAE delegation and Somalian administration. Somalia was told to “cut ties with Turkey.” The demand was not accepted. Then, this attack followed. The emir’s terrorists were exacting revenge on both the Somalian administration and Turkey.

The person controlling the terror attacks in Libya, the Khalifa Haftar Terrorist Organization these days is Mohammad bin Zayed. Together with Egypt’s junta leader Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, they are utilizing all their ground and air forces to overthrow the legitimate government in this country. They are bringing over to this country mercenary soldiers and terrorist organizations from Sudan and many other African countries.

Middle East’s terror traffic is dependent on him. He funds certain circles in Turkey, they do his dirty work.

The name behind the civil war that led to the death of thousands of people in Yemen is Mohammad bin Zayed. He is the one behind the overwhelming majority of the massacres in Syria. This man, who has been giving instructions recently to the terrorist organizations in Somalia, was previously directing Daesh in Syria.

The Middle East’s terror traffic depends on him. He is behind every dirty business. He does not care about war crimes or crimes against humanity. He carries out U.S. and Israeli intelligence’s contract work.

Including the July 15, 2016 attacks, he attempted operations inside Turkey. He funds certain groups through certain channels. Through the U.K., U.S. and Canada, he funnels money to organizations and opposition groups in Turkey. He thinks he is tasked with toppling President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

In case of a terror attack targeting Turkey, we will hold you responsible!

In the case of any assassination or terrorist attack targeting Turkey in the upcoming days, Mohammad bin Zayed will directly be held responsible. And I declare this openly here; regardless of which organization carries out the attack, we will hold him responsible for any kind of attack.

In conjunction with the terror order he gave in Somalia, he also gave instructions to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), its Syrian affiliate the People’s Protection Party (YPG), and Daesh, and the order to attack Turkey. I am saying this by looking at Mohammad bin Zayed’s connections, agenda, relations, his terror traffic and showdowns with Turkey.

He must be declared a war criminal

In any such case, Turkey has the official right to start a campaign in the international sphere in terms of having this person charged with terrorism and war crimes and tried for these crimes.

There is already enough evidence to do this.

Because this man is telling Turkey: If you send troops to Libya, I will drown you in terrorism! Of course, Turkey is not a country to give into such blackmail. Let us see who will drown whom!

‘Corner in Mediterranean, strike in Anatolia’ plan in the works before Libya resolution!

All this is happening right before the resolution concerning deploying troops to Libya. Following the Yemen and Syria wars and the Sudan coup, they opened a front in Libya through a terrorist organization.

They are trying to negate the Turkey-Libya deal, punish all countries that have close relations with Turkey, isolate our country in the region and confine it to Anatolia.

After the terror corridor, this is the great showdown in the Mediterranean. It is the plan to corner Turkey in Anatolia and strike it there.

The UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and known terrorist organizations are acting jointly for this purpose. Because their bosses are one and the same. Because their masters are striking Turkey through them. In this context, the PKK, the UAE, Daesh and Saudi Arabia have been given the same role.

CHP, Good Party, Felicity Party: Where is your sensitivity for Turkey?

So, what is happening to those inside? Are the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), the conservative Felicity Party (SP) and the Good Party (IP) unable to read this map, this siege, this plan to stop Turkey? If they cannot read it, then shame. If they can read it, then why are they on the same front and place with the anti-Turkey front?

No country can build a defense line on the zero point of its border. If you build your defense on the zero point, then that war will reach Ankara, and you will be forced to defend yourself in the heart of Anatolia.

Those who ask, “What are we doing in Libya?” are actually doing the deals of the multinational plans within that aim to leave Turkey defenseless. The CHP’s patriots, the IP’s nationalists, the SP’s conservatives, where has your Turkey sensitivity gone?

If we retreat, we will die. This is a matter beyond party lines.

The Euphrates Shield, Afrin Operation, Peace Spring Operation were interventions as important as the Cyprus Peace Operation. It was a defense of Turkey. Turkey objected to their multinational map spanning the Iranian border and the Mediterranean.

Now, they are doing something similar in the Mediterranean. This is a much bigger attack attempt. They are trying to bury us in the Mediterranean, which they turned into a refugee grave. No country can willingly retreat in such an attack. It cannot withdraw. If it does, it will die!

This is a national issue. It is beyond parties. CHP leader Kemal Kulıçdaroğlu meeting with the IP and SP to form an anti-resolution front is a stance against the national axis.

You took your place on same front as putschist Sisi, terror baron UAE emir, Saudi regime, Haftar!

In the current position today, Egyptian putschist Sisi, UAE terror baron Mohammad bin Zayed, Saudi Arabia and Libya’s terror baron Haftar are in the same place.

That axis is feeding both Daesh and the PKK. That axis is feeding the attackers who killed 81 people Saturday in Somalia. Let us ask now: What force is keeping you in the same place as that axis? No fancy words, no heroic reasons, no public manipulation can obscure this reality.

Some are building a ‘front’ within. But who placed you on that front?

Someone is building a “front” inside Turkey. They are building an “axis” within to counter the “Turkey axis.” Those who failed to strike through the terror corridor, those who failed to strike in the Mediterranean, are striking from within.

Who is placing you on the same front with UAE terror baron Mohammad bin Zayed? Those who love this country and dote over it need to rightfully question this.

I am not concerned about finding someone to accuse. But take a look at the balance of forces that has formed in the Mediterranean. Please! Which side are you on? Where does Turkey stand and who did you throw your lot with?

İbrahim Karagül
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