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The date of the presentation of the founder Othman series, Part Two


The date of the presentation of the new series, Founder Othman, Part Two, the famous historical Turkish series, the founder Othman, has received large proportions of viewing, and has impressed many fans of historical Turkish series, as this series is considered part of the historical Artgrel series, so we will learn about the details of the new show of the Founder Othman series Its second part.

The date of the presentation of the founder Othman series, Part Two

Fans of the Turkish series have attracted attention to the famous series, the founder Othman, after the new promotional advertisement for its second season was broadcast, which is expected to be different from the first season.

The company producing the founder Osman series has published another promotional show for the second new season, in which the heroes of the series appeared, such as the Turkish actor Burak Ozjevit, who plays the role of Osman, and he talks with the Turkish actor Junaid Arkin, who was absent from the screen for a long time, and he appeared in the new season playing a role White head beards.

This new promotional advertisement appeared when Othman said to the head of the white beards and said we will establish a state and it will remain forever, and the company indicated that the date for the presentation of the new twenty-eighth episode, which is the first episode of the new second season, will be at the beginning of the current month of October, that is, on the seventh of this October. It is scheduled to be shown on the Turkish ATV channel and translated on some Arab channels of the series .

It is worth noting that the last episode of the first season revolved around Osman getting rid of Sophia and killing her and taking control of the Kuluga Hesar castle, after he set up a plan to control the camp, and today everyone is wondering if Yegul will take his revenge on Hazal Khatun or not. [1]

The story of the founder Othman Al-Turki series

The events of the founding Turkish series, the Resurrection of Othman, revolves around the difficult conditions that existed before the founding of the Ottoman state, as it was then full of poverty and constant conflicts, and then transformed under the leadership of the youngest son Artgrel into a large, rich and strong state feared by all countries, and Osman establishes a strong army that faces the largest armies Like the Mongols, Persians, Crusaders and Romans.

The series is considered a dramatic and historical series that began its presentation on November 20, 2019, and it is produced by Muhammad Bozdag, directed by Matin Junay, and the hero of the series is Turkish actor Burak Ozjevit, actress Aisha Gul Junay, actor Ragheb Savas, actor Noureddine Sonmez, and others, and the series is shown on The Turkish ATV channel is on a weekly basis every Wednesday at eight in the evening Turkish time, which is a continuation of the historical series Artegral Resurrection, which ended on the twenty-ninth of May last year 2019.

According to The Ranking, the Turkish series founder Osman received the highest viewership in Turkey between 2019 and 2020, and the series ranked second in the list for the second year in a row, as it was watched during 2020 more than 600 million views and more than 533 million times a year. Past 2019.

Who is the hero of the founder Othman series

The hero of the founder Osman series is Burak Ozcivit, the well-known Turkish actor, born in 1984 in Istanbul, Turkey, and he is represented in the series as Osman, and the series is shown on the Turkish ITV channel.

The father of Burak Ozchivit is Gaziantep and his mother is from Edirne. He studied high school at Kazem Ishman High School in Istanbul, and he graduated from the photography department of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Marmara University.

With this, we got to know the details of the interesting and historical Turkish series, and the date of the presentation of the series, the founder Osman Part Two, on the Turkish channel

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