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The West will lose the war against Islam, Turkey, Erdoğan


The West is taking out its anger and animosity towards Islam on Turkey. It is taking out its rage and feelings of revenge towards Turkey on Muslims. It is taking out its vengeance aimed at President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Turkey and Islam. It is building its plans to “stop Turkey” on the objective to “topple Erdoğan.”

‘If we defeated the Soviets, we will defeat Islam as well.’

The “War against Islam” started with the collapse of the Soviets. Israel and the U.S. were a far-right project, which was turned into a global doctrine. It was promoted under the guise of “anti-terrorism.” Countries were invaded, civil wars were started, and hundreds of thousands of people were killed through direct attacks.

The European leaders of the time, U.S. political leaders, Western media and intellectual groups were mobilized for this war. They were saying, “We will take rising Islam under control just as we destroyed the Soviets.”

The regimes and governors of Muslim countries offered endless support to the West in this war. In reality, they were fighting against their own people, because they feared them.

The West is collapsing while the East rises. This century will change everything!

As a matter of fact, they were calling upon Western armies to their soils to restrain the masses. This is because these regimes were designed post-World War I by the West. They were chosen to monitor the region, the Muslim masses.

Now, this mission seems to have been assigned to Europe. The U.S. lost its global reputation. It fell behind in the fight against rising powers. It is no longer the sole center. It is currently focused on its internal problems and others that are set to start.

The East was rising. New powers were surprisingly refuting the West’s centuries-old theories of dominance. Islam was rising. It was forming a spectacular political wave, which was increasingly becoming deeper, stronger, turning into a political awareness while maturing at the same time.

West’s fight against Islam has been nothing other than a war against Turks for the past millennium

Europe shared borders with Islam. It bordered Turkey. The Islam-Europe subconscious that dates back centuries was still very much alive. This is what they activated, because Europe needed power. In order to convert the far-right, racism into political power, they were returning to that subconscious, to the showdown and hostility of those centuries.

The West’s, Europe’s fight against Islam for the past thousand years is a war against Turks. They had been fighting Turks since the Crusades, since those armies were destroyed in Anatolia, since Ottoman armies reached the heart of Europe.

First wave: Arab world devastated. The second wave has started: The final great collapse!

The war against Islam, which was planned by the U.S. and Israeli far-right, caused the collapse of Arab countries. It led to a decline in religious movements. It empowered regimes and disregarded the demands of the masses. Arab territories have been invaded, divided, and plundered since the 1991 Gulf War. This was the first wave.

Now the second wave is being implemented. The UAE and Saudi Arabia-led “Arab-Israel Peace” project, which was launched in cooperation with Egypt and Gulf countries, was planned for the Arab world’s final great collapse.

The “first wave” was launched under the guise of “anti-terrorism” and destroyed countries. Now, similarly, the “second wave” is going to be promoted as “normalizing relations with Israel,” to strike the Arab world at its core. This is going to be a much bigger wave of invasion than the first.

It collapsed the Arab world, but awakened Turkey

Just as the West’s war against Islam and its spread through the Muslim Middle Zone collapsed the Arab world, it awakened Turkey and brought it to its senses. While the region was collapsing, Turkey became a new rising center and power domain.

This is due to the fact that Turkey is the country best capable of reading into the West’s soul, mind, subconscious, plans, aims, memory, weaknesses, and evils. This is because Turkey was the only country that had a history and experience of settling scores with the West. This is because Turkey was the sole country that helped the region recover after all the great collapses.

Turkey was the “last fort.” It had to be protected from falling. It would not collapse. It had all the experience and fortification necessary to keep it standing. It just had to put it into action. Breaking the mental embargo within and reclaiming its political legacy would suffice.

The last fort’s awakening will rouse the region. If Turkey takes action, they will face defeat

They know all this, which is why Turkey has always been their main target. It was Turkey that they attacked for decades through terrorism, that they later attempted to collapse from within through coups, that they tried to keep under control through Western influence circles.

It was Turkey’s southern, eastern and western borders where they built fronts. If Turkey could not be stopped, the region could not be controlled. Turkey’s rise would mean their defeat. If Turkey marches, they would have to step back. Turkey’s presence and growing influence in the region means they will weaken.

All this happened. Turkey consolidated shocking power despite all their attacks and right under the noses. It destroyed all the fronts built around it. It built its own fronts. It formed its own alliance chain against their regional alliances.

The West’s fury is caused by fear

This is the reason underlying the West’s fury. This is why they are furious with Erdoğan, with Turkey, with Islam, and Muslims. This fury is, in fact, caused by fear. Erdoğan’s presence means Turkey’s rise. Turkey’s presence means the Muslim world will rise.

If Turkey cannot be controlled, the region cannot be controlled. If the region is liberated from their surveillance, the West’s centuries-long ongoing colonial order will collapse; imperialism will collapse.

Thus, the war against Erdoğan, the war against Turkey and the war against the Muslim world are all a single project. One other leg of this project is the “Arab-Israel partnership.” It is an attempt to siege Turkey from all directions.

France, Germany; a most primitive attack…

France is openly attacking Islam. It is plastering caricatures insulting the prophet of Islam on the walls of public buildings. It is publishing course books. It is implementing the most primitive methods of attack. It is attacking Turkey and Erdoğan. It thinks it is protecting Europe. It is provoking the Muslims among them.

Germany is raiding mosques; the German media is attacking Turkey and Erdoğan on a daily basis. Dutch racists are publishing caricatures insulting Erdoğan – spreading hate. Belgium and Austria previously voiced their anger against Turkey with incredible claims. As a matter of fact, these are Europe’s common opinions.

Nation Alliance is the internal phase of the ‘UAE-Israel’ project. It serves the same purpose

Strangely, similar to the project being implemented through the Emirati, Saudi Arabian, and Egyptian regimes, an attack front was established inside Turkey as well. The “Nation Alliance” was designed entirely to serve this purpose.

They are attacking Erdoğan full force, and trying to restrain and stop Turkey. They say nothing notable to the West other than meek statements.

However, the West’s war against Islam is going to back them into a tight little corner. They are going to encounter such bad examples that they are not going to have the strength to utter anything at all.

Macron’s third attack is set to face grave defeat

Turkey is building a strong foundation with a great intellectual leap. All the attacks from the West will only serve to fortify this structure. All the attacks from the West will further strengthen Turkey’s hand in the region.

French President Emmanuel Macron is losing against Turkey in Africa. He already lost in the Mediterranean. Now, he launched a much more despicable attack. He is exacting revenge by attacking Islam. This third and most dangerous attack is going to result in a grave defeat. It will most likely prepare his political end.

Plan to ‘stop Turkey’: The shock of the century

The West has now turned towards wars it is bound to lose. Its own mind, its subconscious is setting very dangerous traps against it:

It is going to lose the war against Islam. It is going to lose the war against Turkey. It is going to lose the war against Erdoğan.

It is still acting with the mindset of World War I and post-World War I.

Yet the world is undergoing the greatest power shift of the last five centuries. The global reign that was supposedly infinite has ended. That invincible power alliance has collapsed. The world will never again submit to the West’s unilateral order.

That is over. That opportunity will never arise again. The West’s arrogance is going to bring about its own end.

The plan to “stop Turkey,” is going to make the West face the 21st century’s biggest shock and disappointment. History has changed; the power map has changed. Turkey can no longer be stopped by any attack.

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