News of Africa The Atlantic Daily: Is the Conflict in Afghanistan Really...

The Atlantic Daily: Is the Conflict in Afghanistan Really Over?


The United States’ involvement in the country is drawing to a close, but this is not the end of the war, two of our writers warn.

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The United States’ involvement in Afghanistan is drawing to a close, but the conflict there is far from over. “This is not the end of the war; it is merely the end of its direct American phase,” our contributing writer Eliot A. Cohen explains.

Further reading: Biden’s foreign policy prioritizes the domestic. “His ambition is to succeed where his predecessor failed: pursue a foreign policy that provides tangible benefits for middle-class Americans,” our staff writer Peter Nicholas, who covers the White House, reports.

What to read if … you’re still trying to make sense of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause:

“Our regulators are not fools,” our staff writer Graeme Wood argues. “But they have a peculiar sense of responsibility that leads them to adopt a fraidy-cat level of caution … that no normal person should want in her daily life.

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Stream Taylor Swift’s re-recording of her second album, Fearless, while reading our critic Spencer Kornhaber’s review: Swift knew everything when she was young, he says.

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What if friendship, not marriage, was at the center of life?

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