News of Africa Kagame’s New Cash Cow of Dealing in Unwanted Asylum...

Kagame’s New Cash Cow of Dealing in Unwanted Asylum Seekers Shows Strong Potential to Make Serious Money for the Rwandan Strongman


General Paul Kagame’s role as the guardhouse chief for holding unwanted asylum seekers on behalf of the rich nations appears to be expanding. The UK media reports say that the government of Boris Johnson is seeking advice from Denmark after the Danish politicians passed a bill in May 2021 to send asylum seekers to a guardhouse in Kagame’s Rwanda. Like Denmark, the UK does not want asylum seekers on its territory. These countries would rather keep the asylum seekers in some distant offshore guardhouse. That is why Denmark signed an MOU with the Kagame government to turn Rwanda into an offshore guardhouse for asylum seekers seeking to enter Denmark. Kagame is, of course, after the cash As stated in the MoU, “Denmark agrees to provide funding from its dedicated asylum and migration funds for the identified cooperation activities.” Denmark and the UK are not the first countries to call on Kagame to guard asylum seekers. Back in 2017, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signed a secret deal with the Kagame regime would receive $5,000 for each asylum seeker the regime received. Stay tuned.

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