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The West’s global power was taken from it by force! It was defeated by nothing other than its very own arrogance. The geopolitical quake has begun


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s slogan, “The world is bigger than five,” which he repeated at the 76th UN General Assembly, is a stronger-than-ever definition of today’s world.

Erdoğan reiterating this statement at a time the “global state of emergency” wrought by the Covid-19 pandemic is coming to an end but its geopolitical results are only recently starting to emerge, is a warning to the whole world, as well as a foreshadowing of the future.

The Western order’s power domains are being divided. Allies are on red alert 

All of the Western order’s power domains are dividing. The unilateral global power it refuses to share is being taken away from it by force. The U.S. and Europe’s “unrivaled,” “unlimited” joint monopoly is falling apart.

The colonial tradition, which dates back centuries and consumed the earth, is now shattering. The Atlantic-centered world is collapsing, while a multi-centered world is taking shape. The West has no allies left other than its “loyal colony countries.”

Even those that are its allies are looking on in shock at every attempt, every plan, and every suggestion they make. Every country, even if they are an ally, is preparing to counter the overt and covert threats to emanate from the West. Perhaps this preparation is to counter the greatest threat caused by the ambiguities in calculating what will behold us in the future.

 The West lost the 21st century, its global power because it fought Islam

Carefully observe resources, markets, capital, population, energy corridors, trade corridors, supply modes, security, preparations for the future, every country’s new political and geopolitical definitions, and the extraordinary military activity.

You will see that all these fields are under U.S.-European monopoly, that nations are seeking new pursuits, and working toward building a non-Western safe zone.

You will see that the West is no longer able to offer such a future, that all their partnership plans for the 21st century are, in fact, a new colonization plan, and that the world has realized this truth.

This is all because the U.S. and Europe’s 21st century lies only managed to last three decades. The West lost the 21st century and its global power monopoly because it waged war against Islam.


The world provoked the West’s arrogance, driving it to defense mode

Non-Western powers appeared to support the U.S. and Europe’s war against Islam to achieve this result. The West was defeated by its own arrogance. It lost because it believed it had “unlimited power.” They thus provoked these Western weaknesses, and transformed them into a weapon.

The West, which struck a war against the Islamic civilization, earning the whole world’s hostility – excluding its puppets – in the strict sense, first took shelter in the Atlantic. Then, it had no choice but to defend itself against the powers that rapidly grew in the void caused by this conflict.

It long lost the opportunity to stop them by force. This is the sole reason why the U.S. turned its focus from Central Asia and the Central East to the Pacific, establishing a new Pacific front with the U.K. called AUKUS, and is striving to draw regional countries to its side.

 We represent continents

So, coming from Turkey, what does the statement, “The world is bigger than five,” signify? Which world is Turkey representing? Why does it make such powerful statements, such powerful objections?

What is Turkey trying to do?

This is the million-dollar question tagging at the world’s mind. This is what is questioned in U.S. and European media. This is also what cannot be explained within, that is sacrificed to minor debates, attempted to be prevented through bigotry, and what makes pro-tutelage groups go mad.

The Republic of Turkey is the inheritor of empires. It is the world’s main axis. It carries the experience of history, region, state, geopolitics, power, identity, and civilization. It is redolent of the color and scent of continents and climates. This is a political legacy.

The Republic of Turkey is both Seljuk and Ottoman. They consumed our power, not our claims

Though it seems there have been falling outs, the Republic of Turkey constitutes of both the Ottoman and Seljuk empires. It includes not only Anatolia but the entire region. This is a political culture. It is the continuity of states. As the world is taking shape all over again, it is impossible to exclude a country like this.

If the Ottoman Empire had not been divided, lost in the world war, and if only the administration/regime had changed, and reformatted as the Republic of Turkey, the country would have done the same thing in the early 20th century, and taken action with great claims.

They consumed our power, not our claims. This has been our sole problem.

This is why Turkey is continuing from where it left off. In fact, as the world is being established once more, it is changing its position and settling in the center – and it is doing this with a great power leap.

The West was surprised. So were those within Turkey. What will that hidden agenda be now? 

This is what surprised the West. They thought that by keeping Turkey at bay they made it forget those claims, and destroyed that political gene. They thought the power domains they built within the country for decades would be enough to stop Turkey.

Now, nor they, neither their allies within can stop Turkey. Despite all the rage. Turkey, on the other hand, turned the climate caused by the global power shifts into extraordinary opportunities.

Hence, those resisting against this within are striving not for a political identity or plan, but to stop Turkey. Every discourse within this context is simply a camouflage, an effort to conceal that hidden agenda.

The vast masses today are being driven to war under the name of “conservatives” for this agenda. A major game has been built through patriotic masses.

The Republican party’s patriots, Good Party’s nationalists, Felicity Party’s religious, Kemalists, liberals… 

The shock of the 21st-century will be Turkey. This country will shatter the earth’s middle zone, its main axis, from the Atlantic coasts to the Pacific.

Erdogan’s objection of “The world is bigger than five” originates from a very deep-seated uprising, an historical and a regional identity, a future ideology. We are the only country with all this experience and preparation.

Everyone who has the love of Turkey in their heart, from the Republican People’s Party’s (CHP) patriots to the Good Party’s (İP) nationalists, from the Felicity Party’s (SP) devout Muslims to religious groups, from the Kemalists to the liberals, must support this rise. The moment they realize the trap set against them, they will.

It is true that the ‘World is bigger than five’ 

Turkey will make powerful statements to the world; it will take even more radical steps and become the main state of the 21st century. This is the only reason underlying its extraordinary power leap.

Power is the primary need. We painfully learned this in the early 20th century. We will not go through the same thing again.

Yes, “The world is bigger than five.” It won’t be long now; this map is taking shape.

Turkey represents the world’s axis. Won’t be long now; this map, too, is taking shape.

İbrahim Karagül
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