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What is the true meaning behind Erdoğan’s words? What does Turkey plan to accomplish as Western hegemony draws its dying breath?


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s words, “We have come to the end of the concept that the West is superior. A new international system is forming. The West’s hegemony is over,” is the most powerful statement emanating from these lands out into the world.

The summary of centuries and all the codes of the past and the future lie in this evaluation, and in the strength and courage to articulate this. If the history-making, region-building mind is able to make this powerful breakthrough in the first quarter of the 21st century, it signifies the achievement of great goals.


Empires don’t talk nonsense. Great powers do not exaggerate

These statements, emanating from Turkey in this period, when countries and nations are on the verge of making new decisions, when the world’s power balance is shifting and reforming, are the harbingers of major changes.

As the U.S. is becoming more isolated and withdrawing from a bevy of regions around the world, Europe is losing its “union” spirit and focusing on its own internal problems, and the West, which is “ethically” losing its role as a “hub” and its power, which shaped the global order for centuries, is diminishing, “Turkey’s rise” is no coincidence. The words rising from the leaders of empires at such a time are anything but poppycock.

Powers and nations that shape world history do not make futile statements during such periods.

Every statement, every idea and every action by nations and powers that are returning to the 21st century, with have a global view, is extremely critical at times that the world is undergoing great changes.


The West is moving from hegemony to ‘defense’ 

The breaking point now is much deeper than that the events that transpired during World Wars I and II, because those wars were the “West’s civil war.”

This time the power the West possesses is determinedly transferring to other areas, other countries without a single bullet being fired. It is not only Turkey, but imperial traditions, great traditions of power, countries and nations that possess the awareness of history and a regional mentality, whose political mind is taking shape accordingly, are all making similar statements today.

The U.K.’s exit from the EU, the U.S.’s withdrawal from Afghanistan/Central Asia, the U.S. and U.K.’s exclusion of France in Europe and the Pacific, the deepening of the division within Europe, escalating tensions between Russia and China with the U.S. and the U.K., the U.S. haste to recover its power in the Pacific, and the West’s overall pursuit to move from global hegemony to defense mode tell us a great deal.


What is Erdoğan telling us? What is he trying to say? 

President Erdoğan’s statement is informing us about the global order established after the “colonial period,” the “modern colonial period,” which were launched under the guise of “geographical discoveries.”

He is telling the world that “Turkey is back.” All interventions, from Libya to Syria, from Karabakh to the fight against terrorism, all aimed at ending the West’s power domains inside Turkey, were, in fact, signaling Turkey’s new era.

What is this signal, and what is Turkey trying to do? What is it that Erdoğan wants to say?


The ‘door to great powers’ has been opened

Turkey knew the Western order would collapse centuries later. It interpreted this with great acumen. It saw new rises, new distributions of power, which countries would regress and for whom paths would be cleared.

It saw history reopen “the door of great powers” to itself, as well as other countries. It paved the way for the “region’s rise” with the legacy of states, dating back from the Seljuks, the Ottomans, and through and with the Turkish Republic.

Turkey not only fought terrorism in Anatolia, but it also spread the impact of its security and influence through vast areas. It trusted that its political mind and power were sufficient to achieve this, that it was possible to build an extraordinary “power.” As some were losing strength, it was obvious that strength would shift to other countries. Turkey started to amass this strength.


This is what I mean when saying ‘it will shake the world’s axis’ 

Previously, when it was dealing with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), with terrorist organizations alone, the world’s superpower countries, colony countries, all Western countries, opposed Turkey at every turn.

In every region it was countered, Turkey emerged stronger than ever. The power showdowns it was involved with in the East Mediterranean, in Africa, alone against France, are enough to clarify everything it achieved.

Turkey’s relations, partnerships in the Middle East, in Africa and in Central Asia will shake the earth’s main axis. As a matter of fact, it is already doing so.

As the world is being divided into the East and West, Turkey displayed that a tenacious “third power” could rise on the earth’s main axis.


A shocking game-changing wave is approaching. This is why the West established a ‘revenge front’ in Turkey

This is the shocking, game-changing wave. They were not expecting this. The West, in particular, came face to face with a great surprise. Upon this rage, it built its revenge front “within” Turkey. It built the “Stop Turkey Front” in our own country, through political parties and terrorist organizations. Will this be enough to stop Turkey? Will those who failed to bring it to its knees from abroad be able to stop it from within?

Not likely. Those who built this front are already crumbling. “Hegemony, colonialism, and tutelage” will not be able to remain standing against this great rise and mentality.

If you have noticed, the walls of the former arrogant, bloody, colonialist powers are collapsing one by one. They lost the future because of their own arrogance. They lost because of the bloody political history they put nations through. Every nation took action the moment that power started slipping out of their hands.

The message of centuries

This is what Turkey is pioneering. Hence, Turkey’s way is the way of the whole region. President Erdoğan discovered both Turkey’s and the region’s strength and activated it. This is a revolution that will lead to global tremors, and deep changes.

This is also the only reason underlying their rage toward Erdoğan.

But Erdoğan clearly declared a fact the whole world is already witnessing: “We have reached the end concept of Western superiority. The West’s hegemony is over.” We are at the end of the West’s history as global leader.

This is the message of centuries! This statement will change history. We will see it happen together, as long as we do not allow them to destroy another empire from within.

İbrahim Karagül
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