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What was on Biden’s mind during his meeting with Erdogan? Turkey’s opposition will try to divide the country. That internal conspiracy will also fail!


Stopping Turkey from “within”…

It is possible to observe preparations designed for this objective in every field: in internal politics, in the economy, in operations aimed at social psychology, in relations with the U.S., and tensions with Europe.

An extremely broad, vast, and dangerous campaign of destruction is being conducted. This will be exacerbated to manifest turbulent storms by 2023. This is an agenda that runs the risk of destroying Turkey, the risk of driving the country into a fatal disaster.

This is a global project.

What was Biden thinking of that very moment? How will we topple Erdoğan? How will we stop Turkey?

A profound, extremely sophisticated, multinational plan – transcending the usual ethnic conflict, terror attacks, and your everyday Alawi-Sunni tensions – is being persistently implemented.

Surely, the majority of the leaders with whom President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan met yesterday in Rome had this on the brain. Furthermore, those who considered posing for photographs with Erdoğan an “exploitation of internal politics” were also thinking about this.

These were the matters plaguing U.S. President Joe Biden’s mind at yesterday’s U.S.-Turkey summit. He didn’t deign to think, “The U.S. is threatening Turkey from abroad, to no avail. We attack through the PKK, to no avail. We redraw borders Syria, to no avail. Regardless of how much we support the opposition, we cannot stop Turkey. What is to be done?”

‘Should we break out a conflict between Turkey, Russia? Should we conspire internally?’

There is no doubt that they were thinking, “If only we could corner it in the Aegean, in the Mediterranean, if only we could force it into a fatal game, out of which it cannot escape, if only we could get it to clash with Russia. If we could mobilize all Western influence agents and groups, and invest in internal conspiracies, would we perhaps be victorious?”

‘Topple Erdoğan, stop Turkey’ This is what they’re all trying to accomplish!

Considering countries and powers’ stance in the international system, positioning them correctly, interpreting the developments in accordance with the power map and power showdowns will even reveal their unexpressed thoughts and ideas.

Setting all this aside, the agenda they are pursuing in collaboration with certain political groups in our midst, as well as the mentality of those very groups, is being revealed. This is, in no way, affiliated with internal politics. It is, in no way, an innocent political pursuit.

All projects are built on the fundamental principle of “toppling Erdoğan and stopping Turkey.”

We need bold statements! Strike them where they least expect it!

Extraordinary periods require bold statements. Essential stances that transcend mundane concerns need to be adopted. Powerful declarations need to be made against the mental and environmental perception bombardment.

These declarations need to be shattering, game-changing actions that stop everyone in their tracks. Turkey’s brave people need to leave behind all their personal vendettas and produce historic responses to this global showdown.

This is necessary because a game aimed at breaking Turkey’s will is being played on all scales. A  storm of chaos, which is based on the treachery within, is being cultivated.

As they are busy implementing their plan to “stop Turkey,” we must develop shock waves that will stop them in their tracks. We must take action where and when they least expect it.

Turkey is fighting on two major fronts

Turkey is fighting on two major fronts: foreign pressures, along with the interventions aimed at discouraging it, spooking it and stopping it, and the sly attempts of political groups promoting these internally.

These two fronts suffered defeat in every field since the 2016 coup attempt. They were defeated in the east, the south, the west, in the Mediterranean, in the Caucasus, and in Syria. Most importantly, they faced defeat “within” on the night of July 15.

Now their preparations for the final great attack are clear. Even though they will be defeated once again, the attack launched will be one of immense destruction. Turkey is gearing up against this danger, this threat.

Turkey is hitting them, and the rest of the world with shock waves. It is producing surprises. It is spoiling plans. It put to use an incredible intellect and is continuing to shatter the existing mental order through an extraordinary resistance.

It must continue as is, and will do so, because this is the return of the political legacy, spanning back centuries, to the 21st century with great claims. This mentality cannot be undermined. This mindset’s power to alter history and the region has always been long-term.

This is not just innocent politics. This ‘front’ has been built against Turkey

Frankly, the partnership between Turkey’s main opposition, the Republican People’s Party (CHP), and the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), which was designed to destroy the country, is not a political alliance. This partnership is a front that has been established by the multinational will in our midst to stop Turkey, to divide and shrink it.

This front has been built against the whole country.

The Good Party (İP) taking position on this axis is not the pursuit for political alliance or domestic policy. It is in no way an innocent political preference. It is a finely spun design. It is a project.

The “conservative opposition” joining this front represents the same notion. Those who diverted from the national, Islamic political legacy have moved to the multinational project front.

A political party alliance has been designed to stop Turkey in accordance with the priorities of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). This is an internal front. This is the U.S. and Europe’s inside weapon in the was to “topple Erdoğan and stop Turkey.”

An extraordinary intervention period. Remaining in defense mode is suicide!

Turkey will overcome it all. It will even repel the last great attack ahead of 2023. But this threat cannot be thwarted through defense. Remaining in defense mode is suicide.

We are in a period when we need to be on the “offense,” not defense. We did this before, and so we shall do it again. We will respond to attacks with attacks, offenses with offenses, and extraordinary threats with extraordinary interventions.

Every attempt that will hinder Turkey both within and in the region will be stopped. Turkey has both the determination and power to do this.

Turkey must complete what it started in the south. It must purge the zone spanning the Iranian border and the Mediterranean from all evils. This is the main front of the threats. This zone must be cleared of PKK [People’s Protection Units (YPG)] presence.

US, Russia cannot stop Turkey

This is not a matter of terrorism. This is an issue of dividing Anatolia. The CHP-HDP alliance and FETÖ are now preparing to strike Turkey from this point. That is what they have been instructed to do.

Preparations are currently being made for a new operation. We must not hesitate— ever. This operation will not only clear the region, but also stop the pressures from the West and spoil the plot within.

Neither the U.S. nor Europe has the power to stop Turkey. Considering the risk they will be shouldering, they will not be able to do this. Russia cannot stop Turkey. Once the risks it will need to take are carefully considered, it will decide against it.

The inside conspiracy will also fail

A permanent and determined but, at the same time, risky intervention is necessary against those approaching us with a new map, which is designed to alter borders, in the south.

This is mandatory and extremely urgent, because it will not only reset their plans surrounding Turkey but also the plans implemented through the inside front. Hence, these plans must be shattered at once.

I insisted on this in previous columns, and I will do it again. I am defending this, more determined than ever before. This time, the plan that is being prepared, implemented, and will be carried out before 2023 is clearer than it has ever been.

This is what it takes to be a global superpower

Therefore, any kind of operation that will completely prevent any intervention from the south stands as a priority. As I always say, “Even if it means suicide.”

These operations will win us the 21st century. Turkey will certainly become one of the world’s top five superpowers.

This is the inevitable result.

İbrahim Karagül
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