North America War in Ethiopia fueled by Western propaganda

War in Ethiopia fueled by Western propaganda


The rise of a single Jew threatens the collective power of Jewish Clergy world-wide. The archbishops of the ADL the CRIF, the Keren Hayesod are trembling in the tundra of Birobidzhan and pouring sweat in the jungles of Manaus.

The gabbais who tell America where to point its guns, the gvirs who decide the contents of our laws, the hakhams who brainwash generations of children into compliant shabbat goys, are crumpled up whimpering in the growing shadow of an approaching giant.

Oy Gevalt! Will the world stop turning, will the sun rise in the West, will the Earth and Sky exchange places?

Regular Jews are tempted by Zemmour like Christ was tempted in the desert – his example destabilizes the tradition of submitting to Communal strictures, it transgresses against the Hallakha of Communal Victimology.

Zemmour’s ideas encourage identifying with gentiles in novel ways, that are unalterable, assimilationist. Sympathy for the fortunes of one’s neighbors aren’t compatible with membership in the Cofraternity of the Eternally Holocausted. Zemmour will start by turning rock into water, air into earth, and finish by turning Jews into non-Jews.

Zemmour has never attacked the Jewish Clergy directly, but every statement in defense of France, its White, Christian, Greco-Roman heritage has provoked their bile. Their sense of impotence and insignificance is aggravated by his very act of inhaling and exhaling. The Bosses know that their power over ordinary Jews is built on sand, that they are more indebted to the Anti-Semite than the Righteous Gentile, and that Zemmour threatens to undo centuries of this mind-numbing tribalism if he becomes France’s next president.

In 2008 Zemmour penned the novel “Petit Frere.” It is a fictionalized account of the real-life murder of a Jew by his life-long Arab neighbor/friend, which impugns to the Jewish youth an irresponsible naiveté and idealism that brings about his own death.

The CEOs of B’nai B’rith, the Shoa Foundation, BNVCA, UEJF, and zillion other Jewish orgs concluded that Zemmour was holding them accountable for France’s immigration debacle, or in today’s vocabulary – for France’s Great Replacement.

Petit Frere” and the controversy surrounding it, are a thumbnail of Zemmour’s take on the role of Jewish political oligarchs in France’s current predicament. A take which antagonizes them to no end, and justifies their opposition to Zemmour’s very existence.

Zemmour enjoys some support among a handful of influential and powerful Jews, but these are no match for the Clerics of the Jewish world. His opinions undermine Jewish communal solidarity, a solidarity that is key to Jewish control over the West’s political discourse. This is no small threat. No small crime.

France’s Jewish Bosses have formed a uniquely and malevolently anti-Zemmour Union and their anti-Zemmour Crusade is already in full swing. The targets are Zemmour’s Jewish supporters, Zemmour’s potential Jewish followers, and every single opinion Zemmour has about France’s Jewish history.

Jewish Leadership is bipolar. It suffers from a congenital case of Kanner’s Syndrome which it refuses to purge from its genes. It can produce Nobel Prizes but not common sense. Time and time again it wrecks wonderful relationships between Jews and gentiles, then cuts and runs leaving a bitterness in its wake along with the Hate Laws which secure it.

The Bosses seem to do everything in their power to set Jews apart from gentiles in such a manner that we are never allowed to bond in anything but short-term pursuit of mutually beneficial opportunism. Since Jews are the inevitable winners in such a relationship, the resulting envy, distrust, and loathing of Jews becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of persecution and violence.

Instead of being outraged at how their country of birth is collapsing under the weight of their own influence, wasted in decades of encouraging trends which increase France’s violence and insecurity, downgraded in favor of policing hate crimes and crime-speak, Jewish Clerics have doubled down on an inflexible view of the French past with which they plan to bludgeon Zemmour into a pulp.

Their first maneuver is to make a mountain out of mole-hill, and to transform Zemmour’s 21st century presidential run into a rerun of the 19th century’s Dreyfus Affair. To take a few off-the-cuff observations Zemmour has made about the innocence/guilt of Alfred Dreyfus, a Jewish officer of the 19th century tried for being a German spy, and to re-litigate the case all over again in the court of France’s 2022 electorate.

In the decades he’s been preparing for his triumphal ascent to the French presidency, Zemmour has invested immense energy into a thorough grasp of French history, especially its political history. Based on the facts of the Dreyfus’ serial legal cases, rather than the “Affair,” it is obvious to anyone familiar with an unbiased reading of the judicial record, that it is impossible to conclude whether Dreyfus was or was not innocent. This is an inescapable truth banned not only in the Hexagon (metonym for France) but any polite circles on both sides of the North Atlantic. Zemmour has shared this truth with the French public, and so the Bosses want their pound of flesh.

The Dreyfus Affair is called an “Affair” and not a “trial” because it gripped France for more than a decade, inflamed passions to the point of recurring violence, and its legal dimensions were, and remain, secondary. A decade long scandal, it crushed the nation’s pride and dented its international reputation. It weakened it to the advantage of England, America, and Germany, not least through politically driven military purges which ended only in 1982 (yes, not a typo: nineteen eighty-two…coincidentally the last person to have been dismissed from France’s Military Academy was an officer and student who in 2013 attempted to write an “objective” Thesis on the Affair). The fall-out from the Dreyfus Affair has never been fully tallied.

Following France’s defeat by Bismarck in 1871 the majority of Jews left Alsace-Loraine for France, with only a third choosing to become German citizens. In the economic sphere those departing were replaced by Jewish immigrants from Germany proper. Six out of ten Dreyfus family members left for Paris, while three became naturalized Germans. An immediate cousin was a prominent Parisian banker. A more distant “third cousin” (once removed hailing from the Louis-Dreyfus family) was the financial wizard behind Victor Emanuel II’s unification of Italy, a unification in which he allied with Prussia against France.

The Louis-Dreyfuses would go on to found the modern Swiss corporate giant Dreyfus Group handling 10% of global agricultural output, and the family’s living scions like Julia Dreyfus claim descent from both Alfred’s family and the Louis-Dreyfus clan.

In 1871 more Jews served the French intelligence service in spying against the Prussians than vice versa, but ironically by the 1890s this merely furthered French suspicions of Jewish duplicity as it became impossible to ignore the central role Germany’s Jews were playing in the rise of the German Reich.

French Jews were steadfast patriots, with a few bad apples who were notorious philanderers and sell-outs (e.g.: Maurice Weil), and the Dreyfus Affair took place at a time of intense Imperial tensions. Germany’s economy overtook that of France and Berlin gobbled up pieces of Africa and East Asia that were coveted by France (and others). The timing of Alfred Dreyfus’ first trial couldn’t be worst, and it would hit France where it hurt the most.

The weakest link in France’s Empire was the tension between Parisian economic elites, overwhelmingly Jewish and Protestant, and the country’s Catholic masses. For ten years the Affair would engendered internal political turmoil which served the interests of all of France’s foreign adversaries, including the British. Worst, it weakened France on the eve of WWI, a weakness for which both the French, and Jews, bear historic responsibility.

To those familiar with the “Affair” it is one of those clichéd stories about the evils of Anti-Semitism lurking in the dark recesses of even the most progressive society. The accusation that Alfred Dreyfus spied against France on behalf of Germany is doctrinally dismissed as vile slander invented by jealous Anti-Semites peopling the top echelons of the military establishment in fin de siècle France. It is the standard shtick of the Jewish martyr – the standard fare about the gentile’s irrational, unerring, and eternal hatred of everything Jewish born of a sense of the inferiority Jewish success breeds in all insecure peoples.

In modern Academia, where the story of the Affair is best documented, Jewish power is absolute and challenging the official narrative on Dreyfus is equivalent to seeking early retirement. In popular culture, Dreyfus’ innocence is Holy Writ, and the slightest doubt is construed as a personal attack on world Jewry. Asking questions about the Affair is tantamount to questioning the Rule of Law.

Prior to the Holocaust, the Dreyfus Affair served the same political function as the Holocaust serves today – to browbeat wayward goyim into social marginality, and as a litmus test for ambitious social climbers soliciting Jewish backing in political and business undertakings throughout America, England, or France.

Since 1894 French Jewish leaders are exceptionally sensitive to Alfred Dreyfus’ symbolic value, and rely on it to secure a policy of holding French natives in check by a powerful secular state more responsive to the needs of Jews, homosexuals, and immigrants, than its gentile (White and Christian in origin) masses.

The first Dreyfus trial during which Herzl so nobly “found religion,” a religion which partly culminated in the Holocaust, was no more about Catholic French anxieties with Jews, than it was about Jewish anxieties with French Catholics.

It is as superficial to accuse Jewish and Judeo-philic elements in France of orchestrating the Dreyfus Affair as a means to prosecute that France which they most despised, as it is to accuse French gentiles of being responsible for persecuting Alfred Dreyfus on trumped up charges motivated by pure Anti-Semitism.

The details of the accusations against Dreyfus are straightforward. Secrets were stolen from the French Military Command, and Dreyfus fit the bill on the basis of cumulative evidence. He was tried and found guilty and should have faced capital punishment, but was leniently imprisoned at Devil’s Island. An English investigative agency, Dreyfus’ Parisian family and relatives as far away as America, and his wealthy German brothers all took a stand against the verdict. They founded the “League for the Defense of the Rights of Man and the Citizen,” and with the backing of international media (most prominently English newspapers) barraged France into a re-trial.

The Learned Protocols of the Elders of Zion, was, in part, a French Catholic Deep State response to what amounted to a massive anti-French lobbying effort by leaders of International Jewry during the Dreyfus Affair. Its original was in French, was produced in a French elite milieu, and was vehicled by the Russian Okhrana’s Parisian branch with participation from French intelligence assets. Several passages indicate an authorship date between the two Dreyfus trials, and the argument the Protocols lay out against Jews and Freemasons are parodies of the fantasies about Anti-Semitic anti-Dreyfus conspiracies Emile Zola and the Dreyfusards laid at the door of Catholic France.

Throughout the Affair the term the “Jewish Syndicate” was an accurate description of the forces which had coalesced to defend Dreyfus. It was a neutral term used by contemporary partisans on all sides, and the Protocols were unoriginal in their observation of the Syndicate’s machinations. Machinations which were hurting Dreyfus’ own credibility, most notably when his brother Mathieu publicly pledged the family’s entire fortune in service of his brother’s “cause,” and took great pains to secure influence with France’s rich and famous through private channels.

Official Jewish institutions such as the Alliance Universelle did not come out fighting for Dreyfus, and this was variously interpreted as fear of a public backlash, as proof of secret complicity with the Syndicate, or proof that Jewish leadership was aware of Dreyfus’ guilt. Paranoia ruled the day on all sides.

From the start the Affair was a complicated beast. Members of the Dreyfus family had previously spied on Germany on behalf of the French, and besides public evidence, the prosecution relied on a “secret file” whose content was only recently and perhaps only partially, disclosed. Specifically that two homosexuals, a German and Italian spies, were tag-teaming the French military command via undisclosed sources and may have used Dreyfus as a decoy.

It was less than eight years ago (2013) that the French government acknowledged this homosexual aspect to the Dreyfus trial, and Jewish Clerics, increasingly more gay by the day, immediately came up with an explanation – the Dreyfus trial is no longer about Jews only, but also about the victims of homophobia and all forms of majoritarian bigotry against Sacred Minorities.

Wishful thinking aside, a more historically accurate analogy between the homosexual aspect of the Dreyfus Affair and identity politics in the 20th century is America’s own experience with political trials involving prominent sodomites.

As the moving force behind the McCarthy Hearings – Roy Cohn purged the American government of thousands of those he considered “Communists,” and as part of the “Lavenderscare” – 400+ homosexuals. When Cohn’s own predilection for sodomy with a fellow staff member (David Schine) became common knowledge in government circles, the McCarthy hearings were brought to a grinding halt (yes, this is the same Cohn who tutored Donald Trump).

Readers can make up their own mind about the consequence of Roy Cohn’s conduct on American history.

The legal aspects of the Dreyfus Affair are simple. Alfred Dreyfus was subject to two trials, and was not exonerated. His first and last re-trial ended in a guilty verdict and concluded by an admission of his own guilt. Esterhazy, who the partisans of Dreyfus assumed guilty in Dreyfus’s place, was also subject to a trial, and summarily exonerated. Neither suspect had apparent motive, but only Dreyfus had the opportunity.

For nearly all contemporary English speaking historians, Ferdinand Walsin Esterhazy is their scapegoat for Alfred Dreyfus’ potential crimes. His guilt is universally assumed in what is a crude, and superficial misunderstanding of his complicated role in the Affair.

Hannah Arendt likened Esterhazy to a character from a Balzac novel. A philo-semite whose military career was built on seconding Jewish officers in duels, a confidant of both Maurice Weil and the French Rothschilds, throughout the Affair Esterhazy was not beneath “leaking” confidential information to avowedly Anti-Semitic French broadsheets.

After he had publicly “admitted” that he had forged some of the documents inculpating Alfred Dreyfus, Esterhazy fled France to live in inexplicable comfort in London. From the safety of Albion he boasted of having been offered 600,000 Francs by the Jewish Syndicate to take the fall for Dreyfus. He said he refused the offer, since he was an honest man.

Forgeries were essential to both defense and prosecution in the Affair, but their prominence in the public imagination overshadowed their legal importance. One of the most important proofs of Dreyfus’ guilt was declared to be a forgery, but the man who admitted to having produced it committed “suicide” in prison a day after his arrest by French police.

By 1906, investigations initiated by the French executive discovered anti-Dreyfus intrigue and Anti-Semitism in the army’s upper echelons, but contrary to the Affair’s legacy, they never proved any connection between the two. Neither a military tribunal nor any judicial process exculpated Alfred Dreyfus. It was the executive actions of subsequent governments which went on to stipulate a pardon and a rehabilitation such that he served France on the German Front in WWI.

Based on current historical evidence, the claim that Dreyfus is either innocent or guilty is impossible to establish. Those who sought answers in German archives, to see the spying from the other end, came up empty handed.

Unless no spying took place at all, no other suspect fits the bill more than Alfred Dreyfus, and the reasons for accusing him, putting him on trial, and finding him guilty are more compelling than the “Presidential Pardons” he received. This is what incensed Jewish Clerics in 1890-1914, and continues to irk the Bosses of today. It trivialized the Syndicate’s belief in Dreyfus’ innocence, and created the long-lasting Anti-Semitic fall-out from the prosecution’s convincing case.

Several years ago, in a regular debate with the umpteenth twit, Zemmour succinctly stated that Dreyfus’s innocence was not proven. It was a quip which was ignored at the time. Fast forward to 2021 with “The Z” in campaign mode, and it’s none-other than Bernard-Henri Lévy (BHL) who has reared his ugly “regime change” head with Dreyfus as the rallying cry against Zemmour’s “Jewish Fascism.”

History repeats itself first as a tragedy, second time as a farce. Which iteration of the Dreyfus Affair is Zemmour vs. Bernard-Henri Lévy? Second or third? The altekaker princes of French Jewry have consistently set their best dogs on Zemmour, all having come back mauled, tail in hand. Now BHL is upping the ante.

Lévy may be a gadfly, but he is no chump. In a ceremony thanking him for the “services” rendered to “his” people Israel’s president Isaac Herzog likened him to Adolph Cremieux and Sir Moses Montefiore – the 19th century’s most influential advocates of Jewish interests in the core of the European imperial system over which both French and English Jewry had considerable influence.

With prominent white lapels cupping a mop of graying hair, combative but nonpulsed, BHL’s elegance and erudition hide more than his age. There is a monstrous side, a monstrous reality behind the mask of dandyism. A die-hard neo-con, Lévy claims credit for toppling Qaddafi, leading the fight against Syria’s Assad, and for the debacle that is the Ukraine – whose Neo-Nazis he glibly dismisses as Russian propaganda.

A masterful demagogue, all of Lévy’s causes are in the name of Democracy, and all his interventions for the sake of Freedom, while he remains perfectly impervious to how associating these noble terms with a tape-worm such as himself, tarnishes both.

Quick to a debate, Lévy is impervious to criticism, reason, logic, mistakes or sorrow. In a normal world, Lévy would be standing in front of a firing squad, eyes wide open, accountable for the crimes his interventions imposed on its victims, and the transgressions against the democratic process they presumed.

In Bizzaro World, Lévy is a hero, and were it not for his critical stance against Covid-paranoia, he would still enjoy a door wide ajar at CNN, MSNBC, Fox, the FT, Economist, NitwitTimes and Wall Street Journal. Provided he keeps the anti-Covid message to a minimum, a limited come-back is already taking place. Only weeks ago Fareed Zakaria had him on his show to mark the start of international dimension of the world-wide 2021-22 anti-Zemmour tour.

BHL’s French accent is as genuine as the $200 million fortune inherited from his father’s North African businesses. Analogous to George Soros, BHL is NATO’s deep-state’s “off the record” guy. A pal of Sidney Blumenthal who bestrides the trans-Atlantic power structure, Lévy occasionally moonlights as an agent of the French DGSE. A diehard Atlanticist with firsthand experience of imperial conquest, Lévy is the Rachel Maddow of the fifty-something FT reading international jet-set.

According to BHL’s own words every intervention into which he nudged his slimy circumcised pecker, was a Holocaust commemoration. It was “for his people,” it was a “service” to “them.” Wishing to be generous, an Atlanticist might consider Lévy’s “people” to include anyone and everyone within the reach of NATO’s stealth bombers, but the references to Cremieux and Montefiore excludes this possibility.

Regularly body-slamming anyone who so much as breathes the word “Jew” outside of a sanctioned context, the silence of Jewish Clerics on BHL’s line of attack against Zemmour indicates more than implicit Boss support for BHL – it suggests that BHL is the Clerics official spokesman.

The spokesman not just of France’s Jewish leadership, but a Jewish Atlanticism which exploits Jewish communities throughout Europe to run Europe on behalf of an American empire in thrall to the liberal Jewish power structure in New York and London.

BHL’s attacks on Zemmour are not personal, they are clannish, and as such, they embody the Dreyfus affair in the worst possible sense – le communautarisme juif.

The same tribal politics murderously exploited to disembody country after country, gleefully cheering on butchers provided they do their killing under the banner of liberty and to NATO’s drumrolls, are now being deployed by Bernard-Henri Lévy against Eric Zemmour.

For Lévy, if even a Kosher Jew questions a single tenet of the orthodox Clerical interpretation of France’s past he is on the side of Evil. If Zemmour fails to adhere to the Cannonical Gospel of St. Alfred Dreyfus’ innocence he is Desecrating the Name of Jews the world over. No reading between the lines is required to conclude that Lévy religion is about more than dual-loyalty. It’s about a single loyalty.

Lévy attacks on Zemmour is blunt – a Jew must always and everywhere be loyal to an international creed in direct disregard of the interests of the local population which surround him.

BHL is reading straight from the Learned Protocols of Zion. He isn’t plagiarizing from Adolf Hitler, he is the ghostwriter to the countless Mein Kampfs written throughout history.

French Jewish Bosses know far better than the peasant goy how they opened the flood gates to the savages that are now raping France and thirsting for her blood. They know it in far greater detail and far more gore than Zemmour’s “Petit Frere” could even begin to suspect.

The self-appointed Popes of the Church of Chosenness know perfectly how their demolition of the West’s borders was predicated on a tone deaf ideology of “Dreyfus was a victim” to which “the Deportation,” and “Petain,” and “Collaboration” had to eventually be stapled so as to insulate lower-class Jewish brethren from fraternizing with gentile neighbors whose sense of history was of an all together different nature.

Everywhere throughout the world Jewish Elites are keenly aware how the Holocaust is a mere cherry on the top of a long line of passive aggressive arguments of opportunistic victimhood rooted in a two thousand year tradition of divide and conquer.

Dreyfus’s innocence is the foundation stone of Elite Jewish control over France’s national narrative, and the beliefs of “Fascist Jews” like Zemmour are grounded in fundamental opposition to it. Opposition to a dogma whose starting point is Dreyfus, but whose objective is a state driven spiritual stunting of the French nation. Zemmour’s counter-argument therefore begins with Dreyfus, but it ends with immigration, attacking along the way every single historical episode over which the Clerics currently have absolute control.

This year, (2021) Vincent Bollore’s Canal+ released a ghoulish serial entitled Paris Police 1900. The wet-dream of Jewish Clerics, this is the most expensive period drama about 19th century France produced in recent television history. Rather than honor the period’s beauty and complexity, episode after episode parodies the French as unwashed racists and fascist savages.

The plot is entirely about Alfred Dreyfus’ ordeal, and judging from the series’ gloomy portrayal of France its intent is to inculcate a vision of the country’s past in which only bigotry and narrow-minded violence are to be remembered.

The show leaves the distinct impression of being produced by a group of gentiles who shoved their noses as deep into yidishetuches as their ambitions allowed. Rejects and degenerates who see France as a whore into which they ejaculate an inbred hatred of all those who fail to perform proskynesis at the altar of the Chosen Ones and the Clerical interpretation of the Past.

If Herve Ryssen can be incarcerated for entitling a book The Psychopathology of Judaism, then the makers of Paris Police 1900 should be, along with all of France’s Jewish Clerics, promptly chucked into an SNCF kindertransport for slandering and deprecating France in such a manner as to incite consistent and physically consequential burdens upon the nation from the times of the Alfred Dreyfus trial to today’s vilification of Eric Zemmour.

It was in part because fanatical Jewish Clerics used the Dreyfus Affair to systematically harass France for decades, that some French nationals eagerly denounced Jews to the Nazi occupiers under Vichy.

The more Paris Police 1900s are made, and the more the Ryssen’s rot in jails or wear electronic bracelets for crimes of lèse-majesté judeorum, the more likely a replay of Vichy will take place once the future Barbary Caliphate occupies France in 2040. Subhuman negrophilic Islam-loving ogres like Alain Soral will lead the charge.

The reason for this future collaboration will be the same as last time. France couldn’t put up a fight when the Nazi’s came because a nation so rigorously and diligently humiliated by a minority had no motivation to oppose those liberation it from it.

The conclusion of Paris Crime 1900 is that if France wasn’t Hitler’s birthplace, it was the birthplace of the Holocaust, the Most-Important-Event-In-Human-History.™ To its producers (the same whose “hit series” Versailles consists of cock-sucking and sodomy) France is and always will be the Land of Darkness. Of bigotry and hatred. Of intolerance and filth. These men and women fervently despise the country of their birth, and they are absolutely correct to espy in Zemmour’s political activities a threat to their very existence.

If simply hating blacks, gays, or Jews is a felony on the pretext that such feelings engender real world suffering for these whiners, Zemmour has insisted time and time again that the hatred of France, of Whites, of Christians, will be treated with the same logic.

The days of Emmanuel Todd, Jacques Attali, Bernard-Henri Lévy, of Canal+, and all those who make France bashing, White-bashing, and Christian bashing their daily routine are indeed numbered if the resurrected Dreyfus Affair, the inevitable debate about Petain, Vichy, and the Holocaust, don’t successfully eliminate Zemmour before the first round of French presidential elections.

One can hear the Bosses, the Clerics, the “Community Leaders” and pseudo-Sages screaming “Oh no, oh no, the Nazis are starting up the ovens in Auschwitz again,” and Zemmour gleefully rubbing his hands as the uber-Jew, nodding, “yez, yez” in a parody of the German-Jewish accent of Alfred Dreyfus’ brother, mother, and father.

In resurrecting the specter of Alfred Dreyfus so as to nix Eric Zemmour’s chances of becoming France’s next president, France’s Jewish Bosses have inevitably put their head on the communal chopping block.

BHL’s track record of catastrophe in the service of “his people,” shows that “his people” are either intellectually bankrupt and morally decrepit, or that there is an ingrained pathological problem in the heart of Jewish identity, which time and time again spoils for its own annihilation.

By insisting that Zemmour must, as a Jew, tow a political line inimical to the aspirations of what remains of French patriotism, Jewish leadership is proving itself antagonistic to the French people and their future. It is declaring bluntly that it is on the side of those who wish to exterminate the French, and is openly mobilizing Communal resources to prevent any self-defense on France’s part. The sentiment of the common Jew is a part of these Community resources, and the more Jewish leaders succeed in shaping a unified Jewish opposition to Zemmour, the more they will engage each and every Jew in a Holocaust of the French (and broadly speaking Western/European/White) people.

In this way the Bosses of the Jewish World are making plain that Zemmour’s victory is not just essential to the survival of the français de souche, and the natives of all countries founded by Europeans, but of the world’s Jewish community as well.

Indubitable proof that Zemmour’s rise is part of the Atchalta DeGeula.

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