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This is a ‘political civil war’! They’re sparing no effort to stop Turkey. We will overcome this crisis, too. It will blow up in their faces. Stopping is suicide!


Turkey has taken action at an incredible rate; it evaluated the 21st century’s power voids and took successive steps that reset all geopolitical games; causing a tremor that transcended its own region. Hence, the time had come for something to be done about it.

It had to be stopped from producing extraordinary defense technologies, turning towards independent technologies and making strides in this field, and becoming one of the world’s most efficient producers of military technology in the next decade.

From aircraft carriers to AI, from nuclear to missile systems

Turkey had to be thwarted from fully pursuing all military technologies of the future, ranging from aircraft carriers to artificial intelligence, from outer space to mass drones, and medium and long-range missile technologies to nuclear technology.

It had to be prevented from becoming fully independent, from exploring regional and global military interests, from ending military tutelage, and shifting into offense after being in defense mode.

It had to be prevented from rapidly spreading its homegrown drones and military technologies; allowing a myriad of weak countries easy access to these technologies; from becoming a beacon of hope for poor and defenseless countries; and working to empower regional countries.

Fatal intervention fields closed off. This had to be prevented!

Its opposition to the U.S. and Europe’s efforts to redesign the region, its response to their map operations with its own plans, standing firm with the claims of centuries, taking to the stage as a brand-new player and resetting centuries-old plans, all had to be nipped in the bud.

Any resolute steps aimed at neutralizing America’s and Europe’s fatal areas of intervention — such as designing Turkey’s internal politics, toppling one government and establishing another in its stead, re-calibrating Turkey in accordance with their desires and interests, controlling the economy, and sustaining economic crises— had to be stopped.

New emerging power in the imperial zone

The rise of a new power on the earth’s main axis, spanning Morocco and Indonesia, the Atlantic and the Pacific, had to be stopped. This power had to be thwarted from making a comeback to the 21st century with the legacy of centuries, and from upending all colonial traditions.

Going beyond the power map drawn during the establishment of the Turkish Republic, the relentless questioning of the West’s sovereignty over the region, the development of a new definition for Turkey and the region, and this coming to the fore through the political mind, diplomatic swiftness, military power, and international cooperation and kinship had to be stopped.

The U.S. and Europe were adamantly against a new power emerging.

Turkey cannot be stopped unless President Erdoğan is toppled! This door must be shut, this spirit must be quenched!

While both China and Russia are present, while the world is split into two as East and West, while the West is losing power and the East is gaining power, they did not want Turkey, a country they see as their front country, to take to the stage as a new game-setter.

They had seen very well in the last millennium the result this would lead to. They had seen it in the history of Ottoman-European relations. Turkey had to be stopped now with this historical legacy in mind.

Most importantly, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his cadre, who drew Turkey into this field, who re-installed it with this spirit and woke up a country that was sleeping under tutelage, the vast majority supporting him, and the people’s alliance standing with him had to be collapsed.

It would not be enough to stop them. They had to be discharged, never to return.

What more can they do?

They spared no effort to achieve this. They resorted to every despicable act. They plotted coups, conducted economic attacks, and planned civil war scenarios. They implemented a sectarian and ethnic conflict plan, and conducted every mad attempt they could concoct, including assassinating the country’s president.

They struck from Iraq and launched an attack from Syria, drowning Turkey in terrorism. They tried to drive it out of the Mediterranean. They built fronts in the Aegean, and turned Greece into a military garrison. But all their plans blew up in their faces.

They launched a political civil war!

Now they are trying all over again. They built a huge front within. They brought together political parties with terrorist organizations. They gathered the Nationalist Movement Party(MHP), the Republican People’s Party (CHP), and the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) under a single roof.

They started a political civil war. They mobilized this front against Turkey’s national axis. They launched a joint war within and abroad against Turkey, against the national axis, against all of the country’s claims, its future plans, and against the political legacy that has been making history for centuries.

Trojan horses in Turkey

They mobilized their agents, their Trojan horses, the staff they trained for 40 years. When structural steps were taken to break the chains of economic exploitation, they found a new opportunity.

Global pawnbrokers, their economic groups in the country, opportunists, political parties, and terrorist organizations are jointly attacking Turkey and Erdoğan once more.

They are doing this by punishing and provoking the people, and exploiting their problems.

For the first time after the Ottoman Empire, Turkey will not turn back. 

So, what is going to happen?

Turkey is not going to turn back. The opportunity that arose for the first time since the Ottoman Empire’s collapse cannot be taken away. This economic attack and crisis will be overcome.

Erdoğan struggled with crises all throughout his political career. However, he overcame every crisis successfully with such unique talent and instinct. He drove Turkey into an extraordinary field. He carried it to the giants’ league. He left his mark on the millennium.

He will be able to manage this crisis as well. We will see improvements within the next few months.

Stopping is shrinking, suicide. This is not internal politics but a matter of survival

We will see that those who use this as an excuse and attack like hyenas, calling on the U.S. and Europe, saying, “We will succeed this time,” and those who openly yearn for Turkey’s doom drown in their hatred.

This is not politics; it is not a political, internal policy issue. This concerns the great march of nations. It concerns Turkey’s past and future.

Regardless of the internal attacks conducted by the alliance of political terrorists and terrorist organizations, and the U.S. and Europe’s attacks, it is no longer possible to prevent, stop, and turn away Turkey from its path.

Stopping is shrinking; it is suicide!

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