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A revenge front has been built in Turkey… Is this preparation to launch a civil war by 2023? The children of Anatolia must prevail


The truth that Turkey’s opposition is aligned with the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) and Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), that it has been taken hostage and designed by these organizations, and that it is has been re-dressed within the context of the multinational agenda geared for 2023, can no longer be denied.

Political party headquarters have turned into terror headquarters, FETÖ bases. These parties are now protecting and sustaining overt partnerships with the structures battling Turkey. Political leaders no longer even feel the need to hide their solidarity with these terrorist organizations.


The revenge front in Turkey

They opposed every national matter concerning Turkey. They sided with the U.S. in the Mediterranean; France in Libya; Greece in the Aegean; Armenia in Karabakh; the People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Syria; and the PKK in Iraq. They are doing this with great heedlessness, deception, and mind games.

They are imposing on Turkey their partnership with the PKK and FETÖ as a political style. They are threatening their own country hand-in-hand with the U.S. and Europe.

They are threatening Turkey with terrorism. They have already begun intimidating a certain faction of society with internal threats.

They built a revenge front within. They have nothing to offer but rage and hostility.


Those defeated during the 2016 coup have built a new front  

Turkey’s political opposition was redefined and reshaped in order to exact vengeance for the coup events in 2016. Those who faced defeat on July 15, 2016, have taken action again through this umbrella alliance.

So who was defeated that night? The U.S., Europe, the PKK, and FETÖ were all defeated. Everybody who was anticipating political power and wealth through that coup lost.

They united individuals, parties, and organizations that wouldn’t be caught dead together on a single front. This front is now sustaining an overt war against Turkey both within and abroad.

And this dirty war is being promoted under the camouflage of the world of lies of politics.


 Turkish Baathism: Confining Turkey within the borders of Anatolia 

If you pay close attention, you’ll realize that they haven’t uttered a single statement that praises, exalts, and lauds Turkey. Forget praise, they don’t have a single statement that gives it due credit. There is no end to their destructive, terrorizing, belligerent, divisive, and vengeful discourses.

They want to destroy everything Turkey has achieved so far. They want to restrict the influence Turkey has in the Middle East, in Africa, in Central Asia, and much beyond, and confine it within the borders of Anatolia once again. They want to doom it to a sort of Turkish Baathism.

They want Turkey to withdraw its troops from Syria, Iraq, and Libya; they want Turkey to submit to Greece’s demands in the Aegean, banish Turkey from the Mediterranean, and confine it to its shores. This is blatant, because all their discourses are to this end.

A civil war for 2023

They want to get FETÖ to infiltrate the state’s nervous system again, and through this, facilitate U.S. tutelage, and receive support from the U.S. and Europe. They are already partners with the PKK. They want to rule the country together with them.

Sharing the state with a terrorist organization that has been fighting Turkey for the last four decades means civil war. It signifies Turkey’s division; it means completely giving up on the country’s 21st-century claims. It means a meek, helpless, and poor country.

The U.S. and Europe are implementing a project with all opposition parties gathered under one roof, united with terror organizations. The aim of this project is to turn 2023 into a civil war.


Instructions from Qandil

All opposition parties, from the Republican People’s Party (CHP) to the Good Party (İP), the PKK and FETÖ, as well as all other allied parties, see 2023 as their chance to launch a civil war. They see it as a destruction attack. Who gave you this target?

The U.S. and Europe have currently tasked the political opposition with the same role that the PKK and FETÖ were given over the last four decades. They have replaced terrorist organizations with political parties.

They receive instructions from Qandil and cannot object to any of them. Not only the CHP and İP, the Felicity Party (SP) and those who parted ways with the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) cannot object either.


‘Conservative opposition’ is begging for PKK’s help! 

A political party leader visited the U.S. ambassador four times in a month, and received instructions. Yet, nobody is able to question their motives. They don’t ask, “Are these FETÖ instructions?”

A political leader fails to condemn the PKK’s terrorist attacks. He can’t even say “PKK.” He declares that he will re-assign FETÖ members into the state. The group that we call “conservative opposition” is resorting to seeking help, from even the PKK, for the first time.


Who’s behind Meral Akşener-Ekrem İmamoğlu collusion?  

There is talk that CHP leader Kemal “Kılıçdaroğlu held a telephone call with FETÖ from a clinic.” These topics should be further clarified. It should be clarified whether İP leader Meral Akşener is in contact with FETÖ. A probe should be launched into whether the İP has relations with FETÖ.

It should be questioned whether Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu is affiliated with FETÖ. If so, his relations should be revealed.

Who is ensuring the solidarity between Akşener and İmamoğlu? What sort of a vested interest is their partnership based on? Or what kind of joint ideological plan is at play? This should all be questioned.


Whoever made İmamoğlu mayor will determine the presidential candidate for 2023

It is clear that whomever selected Ekrem İmamoğlu as Istanbul’s mayoral candidate will also determine the opposition alliance’s presidential candidate. Kılıçdaroğlu will have no sanctioning power in this regard.

Kılıçdaroğlu and İmamoğlu have already started quarreling over both the upcoming elections in 2023, as well as CHP leadership. Where role does Akşener play here? How are the U.S. and Europe involved in this battle?


A negotiation over our children’s blood 

It is not the CHP, İP, and their partners’ deals with the Peoples’ Democracy Party (HDP) that should be questioned, but their negotiations with the PKK. This dirty negotiation over our children’s blood should be shattered.

These are not political issues or domestic policy issues. These are national security issues; they concern Turkey’s territorial integrity and future.

As our country resists great storms and fights the world’s most powerful abroad, as it faces the reality that “we will either grow or shrink,” we all have the right to question such dark plans within.


The year 2023 will witness a great showdown

The year 2023 does not just encompass an election. It is the biggest showdown in the history of the Republic of Turkey. Either those abroad are going to win, or the children of Anatolia.

Either terrorist organizations will win, or Turkey’s axis. Either those wanting to retake Turkey hostage are going to win, or the imperial mind embedded in this land.

This war was inevitable in the early 21st century. It will come to pass!

But the political parties cooperating with terrorist organizations and foreign agents, the leaders of political parties will never be able to win. They will lose in both instances. They will be forgotten in the wrong pages of history.


It’s dubious! 

Regardless of the party you support, never forget that Turkey possesses the most superior political identity. Those who fail to support Turkey, in other words, the political parties and their leaders who draw power from others and attack, weakening and shrinking the country, are dubious.

Do not allow them to fool you with their lies and schemes.


Ambitious, vengeful political leaders…

Do not allow them to bring Turkey to its knees; Turkey will be the biggest surprise of the 21st century!

This is why they built a great front within.

This is why they united democracy with terrorism. This is why they drove political parties out of Turkey’s axis.

This is why they lured those ambitious, vengeful political leaders into a chaotic area. This is why they tasked those individuals with the leadership of such structures.

This project is much bigger than the FETÖ project!

İbrahim Karagül
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