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An empire is back! A new ‘super power’ has emerged, and the final battle is looming. Those planning Sultan Abdulhamid’s fate for Erdoğan have gravely miscalculated


The notion that empires are making a comeback is more than just feeble hope, an expectation, a pipe dream.

The world was experiencing a deep power shift for the “first time” after centuries, after the start of the “colonial history,” which Europe had titled as “geographical discoveries.”

Western history was regressing, and with Western globalization at an end, new emerging powers were burgeoning, and former empires were returning with great claims.

What was the origin of the claim that Turkey will be the shock of the 21st century? 

For the first time after centuries, the “world’s axis” was changing. This was a correct interpretation; it was foresight. This was also the origin of the claim that “Turkey will be the 21st century’s surprise.”

We couldn’t have achieved this without producing historical and geographical terms, without clarifying our stance on security and diplomacy, without localizing the perspective of Turkey and the world, without carrying over to the present the geopolitical ideology of thousands of years.

We also turned our focus toward this. We clarified our reading of Turkey, our definition of the region, and our perspective of the global power map. We built the free mind, and then the doors to a rising Turkey parted.


Rediscovering strength in Turkey’s rise 

We rediscovered in the 21st century this power, which was already embedded in our social genetics. The imperial mind has been relieved of its political genetic ties. From the “Turkish style Baathism” mentality, we have returned to the Seljuk, Ottoman “founding mind.”

We waited five centuries for this. The 20th century was one of patience. It was the century to protect and build a foothold in Anatolia. They made plans to banish us from history, to drive us out of the region. But we preserved the mind of three continents within Anatolia.

Hence, the founding of the Republic of Turkey is a milestone that changed history as much as the founding of the Ottoman Empire. The “founding” period is completed; it is now time for the “rising” period.


Power is no longer consolidated by the West

We could never have done this in the last century. If we attempted this while under the West’s unlimited pressure and control, it would have led to Anatolia’s destruction. As a result, we truly would have been excluded from history and this region.

The time of patience is now over. The world is no longer under the West’s centuries-long control. The U.S. and Europe now constitute a small portion of the earth.

Asia has woken up. Africa is waking up. The Middle East has been facing destructive invasions in the last three decades, but it managed to make it out alive. It is now time for recovery. Power is no longer under the West’s control.

The current power shift is much deeper compared to the one witnessed during the two world wars. The form of the world is changing. Mind maps, power maps: they are all changing. But this shattering situation will alter physical maps as well.


History-making nations back with bold claims 

Every new development in the world is contributing to Turkey’s growth, expanding its area of influence. It is as though a new superpower is being born. The East and West have nothing to say other than petty war words. Turkey is the only country that has something fresh and new to say to the region and the world.

History-making nations, with strong central power domains, that come from a tradition of empires, that are ruled by powerful leaders, whose social mobilization is enthusiastic, and that are opening the doors to the future are coming back.


Stopping Turkey on behalf of the West  

The aim of those groups who were launching consecutive attacks in the past with the slogan, “Topple Erdoğan, stop Turkey,” was to prevent this rise.

This is what the 2016 coup attack carried out through the Fetullahist Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) was all about. They saw a new empire rise, and they identified this as a great threat. They identified Turkey as a threat to the West—as they did with China and Russia.


Exhausting Russia, besieging China 

We shouldn’t allow alliance relations to fool us. They tell us about the past, while we are talking about the future. The future contains brand-new circumstances and positions. Turkey is the most radical and brightest indicator of this new policy.

The U.S. and Europe will not be able to establish a new global order. They know this. Yet, they are also trying to besiege China, while keeping Russia occupied, exhausting it through the Ukraine war. They will open new fronts in Eastern Europe even if the Ukraine war ends. They have no other choice.


Turkey is the most ‘dangerous’ of all! 

But for the U.S. and Europe, Turkey’s transformation into a new and powerful empire is the most dangerous of all. If the Ukraine war had not broken out, U.S. President Joe Biden and European leaders would have been calling on the world to wage a war against Turkey now.

Wars start once covert intervention becomes impossible. That was what they were vying for in Turkey’s case. They were going to devastate Turkey through harsh sanctions and force it into wars on multiple fronts.


They will try to break out a Turkey-Russia war

Or, they were going to stoke a Turkey-Russia war, and devastate both countries at once. Note that if the Ukraine war, or the opening of new fronts in Eastern Europe, does not bring Russia to its knees, the collapsing West is going to set up a new game to break out war between Turkey and Russia. We know this now. This is a plan to destroy both empires at once.

The U.S. and Europe are not pursuing another world order. They are hastily trying to eliminate the threats targeting the West. They are formatting their plans for Europe’s defense. This alone is enough of a sign that the West is collapsing rapidly.


 Josep Borrell: Empires are coming back. Turkey, Russia, China are back!  

Let us recall U.S. High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Joseph Borrell’s following statement:

“Europe faces a situation where empires are coming back – there are at least three of them—Russia, China, and Turkey.”

Former U.S. Ambassador to Ankara Francis Ricciardone, with his hopes set on FETÖ’s interventions, was saying, “You will watch an empire’s collapse.” It was the return of this empire that they all wanted to stop.


Those planning Sultan Abdulhamid’s fate for Erdoğan have gravely miscalculated 

Turkey’s “rising period” must be meticulously written. It must be conceptualized, with unique discourse produced. The imperial mind, the political gene that Turkey has transferred to the 21st century must lead to a mental revolution. This is the only solution that can neutralize efforts to besiege Turkey from abroad and stop its progress from within.

Those who planned for President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to face the same fate as Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II are sorely mistaken. He is not the leader of a collapsing era but a rising one.

One last battle remains

The aim of the global attacks, the treason targeting this architect, the leader of this period, President Erdoğan, was to stop Turkey.

They cooperated with Western capitals and struck the country from within. All of the foreign sieges, regional siege plans failed. Fronts aimed at attacking Turkey from within will fail as well. It is now their turn.

There is one final “battle” remaining.

Note that I am not saying “final defense.”

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