North America NY Times: Harry Truman: The Everyman President

NY Times: Harry Truman: The Everyman President


The 28 year era spanning 1933-1960 marked the longest uninterrupted reign of Deep State presidents — FDR, Truman and Eisenhower — until it was matched by the 28-year run of Bush I, Clinton, Bush II and Obongo. During the nine decades which have passed since FDR’s first inauguration, only the election of presidents Kennedy, Nixon, and Reagan — though each would be saddled with Deep State operatives that they could not so easily maneuver around — prevented a continuous run of pure scum. Those three attempted to buck the beast system as best as circumstances would allow, but with very limited and only temporary success. As a result of their independent streaks, JFK and Reagan caught bullets for it (JFK’s fatal) and Nixon was removed by the silent coup of the overblown “Watergate Scandal.” It wasn’t until Trump came to town that the Deep State met its match — but his story is not yet over.

This latest puff-piece on Hiroshima Harry  — the president sandwiched between the equally evil presidents FDR and Eisenhower from April 1945 to January 1953 — offers us a “teachable moment” ™ to review the rotten resume of this accidental and unpopular president.


Prior to entering politics, Truman had neither an academic nor a personal foundation of any accomplishment. After World War I, he started a men’s clothing business with a Jewish partner, but the store failed. A few years later, well-connected bankers paid off his debts. With no trade, no college degree and little money, the invented “war hero” entered Missouri politics where — thanks solely to the backing of the notoriously crooked “Pendergast Machine” of Kansas City, he ran for and was exalted to county judge(!) in 1922, and then US Senate in 1935.

Truman served for about about a decade in the Senate before Franklin Delano Roosevelt, out of political necessity, was forced to dump his controversial Vice President — the communist Henry Wallace — and select this manufactured mediocrity from Missouri. Early in that final World War II year of 1945 — and just 3 months in office as the new Vice President — the clueless Truman assumed the presidency when FDR died suddenly of a brain hemorrhage. The “elder statesmen” and advisors around FDR (all members of the Council on Foreign relations) ran the show. Truman just signed the documents and delivered the prepared speeches.


* 1945: The Terror Attacks on Hiroshima & Nagasaki
With Japan’s industrial capacity severely diminished, its leaders attempting to negotiate surrender terms, and with the knowledge that the Soviet Union was just days away from declaring war on Japan — Truman went ahead anyway and gave the order to drop those monstrous weapons on the civilian centers of Hiroshima (August 6th) and Nagasaki (August 9th).

* 1947: The Marshall Plan
The Marshall Scam aid package for Europe carried within it the seeds of the modern day European Union — an evil entity for whose founding the war was principally instigated.

* 1947: The CIA
The National Security Act of September 1947 gave birth to the CIA and supercharged the Deep State which soon went on to dominate European and American politics, news-media, academia, corporations, film, music and sports leagues.

* 1948: The “State of Israel”
Facing a very difficult election against a favored opponent, Truman won the support of powerful Zionists by giving his approval for Israeli statehood just 11 minutes after the bloody bandits proclaimed their new state in the wake of Britain’s departure. Truman — who, in his private diary, expressed his dislike for Jews — also blocked proposals for establishing another state for the Palestinians.

* 1949: NATO
The Cold War pretext of “containing” the Soviet Union was the rationale for establishing NATO. Long after the Cold War ended, the murderous military machine continued to grow and terrorize nations who disobey the New World Order.

* 1950: The Korean War
The Reds and Globalists in Truman’s cabinet essentially invited Communist North Korea (handed over to Stalin’s influence after World War II) to invade the South. Having embroiled the United States into a UN-managed war, Team Truman then did everything they could to insure a stalemate and prevent victory. The firing of anti-Communist general Douglas MacArthur would prove to be Truman’s undoing.

* 1950-1952: Communist Penetration
It was under FDR that secret and not-so-secret members of the Communist Party USA and their “fellow travelers” began infesting various agencies of the Federal government. But when men like Senator Joseph McCarthy started calling attention to the penetration in 1950, Truman not only unleashed the attack dogs against him, but denied that the penetration existed. Rather than clean house of Marxist traitor scum, Truman chose to personally slander the anti-Communists instead. Declassified records (from both the US and Russia) have long since proven that McCarthy was right, and that Truman was lying.

By 1952, Truman — due to the Korean War and the well-publicized communist penetration —  had become so unpopular that, although eligible to run again (because his first term was not a full four year one), chose not to. The country was poised for a conservative backlash against the Globo-Marxists, with America First Senator Robert Taft (R-OH) the expected candidate for the Republican nomination. To stop Taft, the CFR boys brought in the “war hero” and “good friend” of Bernard Baruch (cough cough) Dwight Eisenhower — a Demonrat (and Stalin-loving war criminal) suddenly turned “Republican.” That’s a whole other story you can read about in “I Don’t Like Ike,” by yours truly.

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