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NATO, US Arms Convoys are Legitimate Targets, Russia Warns


Sergei Koshelev, deputy head of the North American Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, warned that Moscow is entitled to consider U.S. and NATO arms convoys to be legitimate targets when entering Ukraine.

The official made this warning in light of U.S. President Joe Biden’s recent announcement of an additional military aid package of 800 million dollars to Ukraine, which the Pentagon said would include howitzers, artillery rounds, Phoenix tactical drones, and parts and other equipment.

The Pentagon further said that Ukrainians would be trained outside Ukraine to use U.S.-supplied weapons, returning later to the country to train more troops.

Koshelev said that the U.S. intends with its continued arms supplies to the Ukrainian army to contain Russia’s special military operation and harm the Russian armed forces in the greatest possible way.

U.S. President Joe Biden said that his country would continue to make efforts for the sake of arming Kiev amid the ongoing special military operation conducted by Russia in Ukraine. He said that the White House would submit a supplemental budget request to Congress next week.

Since late February, when Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a special operation in Ukraine, the West and the U.S.-led alliance have shipped large quantities of military hardware to Kiev, which Russia has denounced on several occasions.

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