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The rapidly spreading monkeypox virus has spread to another continent


The monkeypox virus, which spread rapidly in Europe, spread to another continent. Experts explained that they fear that the known cases are the tip of the iceberg.

The monkeypox virus, which spread rapidly around the world, put many countries on alert. After England , Spain, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Canada and the USA , it was reported that the virus was also seen in Germany, France, Belgium and Australia.

The French Ministry of Health announced that a suspicious case was encountered in the Paris/Ile-de-France region. In Antwerp, Belgium, a person was reported to have contracted the monkeypox virus. The Bundeswehr Microbiology Institute in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, also stated that the first case of monkeypox virus was detected.

Australia announced its first case of monkeypox today. It was announced that a person returning from England was found to have the virus, and another person had symptoms.

Spain also reported that the total number increased to 21 with 14 new cases.


England, where 11 new cases were seen, started to give smallpox vaccine to people thought to have come into contact with the virus and some health workers. The World Health Organization reported that the smallpox vaccine was effective against the monkeypox virus, which did not have a specific vaccine before.

Canadian Health Agency (PHAC) stated that there has been no case of monkeypox in the country’s history. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated that disinfectants commonly used at home may be effective against the monkeypox virus.

Monkeypox, which is found in forested areas in Africa and is mostly transmitted by rodents and wild animals, raises concerns especially in Europe. Experts explained that they fear that known cases are the tip of the iceberg.


The virus, which was first seen in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the 1970s, has increased greatly in western Africa in the last 10 years. The monkeypox virus, which is usually transmitted by close contact, is manifested by skin rashes on the face and rest of the body, and also causes symptoms such as fever and headache.

The monkeypox virus, which comes from the same virus family as smallpox, is less deadly, but the Congo variant, one of its two types, can have a mortality rate of 10 percent.

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