North America Who Sabotaged Nord Stream Gas Pipelines?

Who Sabotaged Nord Stream Gas Pipelines?


I agree with Jan Oberg

Dr. Jan Oberg, Co-Founder and leader of the Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research, wrote a really excellent article on the question of who sabotaged Nordstream  pipelines. In the article, he points out that Russia had no motive for sabotaging Nordstream pipelines. If the Russians had wanted to stop the flow of natural gas through the pipeline, they could have simply turned it off at the Russian end. Here is a link to Dr. Oberg’s fine article:

and here is a link to other articles making the same point:

Both Joe Biden and Victoria Newland said the US was going to do it

In February, 2022, both Joe Biden and his Under-Secretary of State, Victoria Newland, said that if Russia should invade Ukraine, there would be no Nordstram 2. Here is a link to some articles that make this point:

The United States had a motive

The United States had a motive for sabotaging Nordstream 2, namely to weaken Russia by reducing its income from the sale of natural gas. Washington’s aim throughout the Ukraine war has been to weaken Russia.

US interference with other countries

If the US is guilty of sabotaging Nordstream 2, it is one more example of US interference in the affairs of other countries. Other examples are too numerous to list. The methods used include regime change, assasination of politicians , unilateral sanctions, arms transfers. war, and so on.

A crime against the environment

The methane bubbling up to the surface from the sabotaged pipeline is entering our earth’s atmosphere. Methane is a very powerful greenhouse gas. Although it has a shorter lifetime in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide, while it remains there, methane is twenty times as powerful.

We must rapidly end our dependence on fossil fuels

A point that no one seems to mention in connection with the sabotaging of Nordstream 2, is that we must rapidly end our dependence on all fossil fuels, if we are to have a chance of avoiding catastrophic climate change.

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