News of Africa The Carter Center: Creating Disease While Hording Money

The Carter Center: Creating Disease While Hording Money


The Carter Center is working throughout Africa and Asia to eradicate disease with partners: Bill & Melinda Gates, Open Society, Abbott, Prince Alwaleed – of the Clinton Foundation scandal, Pfizer, CDC, USAID…   The diseases they are busily eradicating seem to be gaining traction with measles cases spiking in 2019 and 2020,   Cholera also spiked in 2017 and 2019 – predominantly in Asia.   In 2020, a new outbreak of polio in Sudan, Chad and Cameroon was linked to the oral vaccine. The same oral vaccine that was banned in the US as of 2000.   Is the Carter Center and its partners causing diseases?

A biolab in Khartoum Sudan has been overtaken by one of the military juntas as war is raged   The lab holds samples of:   cholera, measles, and polio.   Funding for the lab comes from The Carter Center and its affiliates.   It was built in 2017.    Why is the US building biolabs all over Africa, Asia, and Europe?   Why does increased disease seem to follow the labs?

As of 2020, The Carter Center reported $35 million in annual investment income on on $1,178,000,000 investments – a 3% return.   NET Assets are $1.24 billion – and diseases are worsening in Africa…   Interesting correlation between a tax free NGO and its purpose – eradicating disease while accumulating vast sums of money.

Eradicating Disease now seems to be code for – mass genocide.

The Economist article “Quantifying The Rise of America’s Far Right” is an essay into Topsy-Turvy proportions of propaganda.   Extremism. Magat’s must be Eliminated.   The article claims that between 2010 and 2022, mass killings were more pronounced by far right madmen.   “A research centre that is part of the Anti-Defamation League, an ngo, showed that all 25 extremist-related murders in its database from 2022 had connections to the far right.”

There were 23 mass shooting in 2022:

Gang Shootout – 2

Prior Criminals – 3

Black No reason – 5

Unsolved – 1

Mental Health Background – 5

Asian Hate – 1

Bullied Child – 1

Revenge – 3

Gender dysphoria – 2

Not ONE identified as a white supremacist right wing wanger!  

The Economist lied.   For no reason other than pathological psychosis.   America’s Far Right now includes basically everyone – including far lefties…

Running after the lies is still important.   Complacency is rooted in false perceptions. When truth is unraveled, as humans we are then grounded and can mitigate the illusion.   See no evil – Hear no evil means we are complicit in evil.

The radical Ukraine propaganda provided by the Pentagon and CIA in coercion is designed to support War.   Just as the 9-11 assault was created to unite against a shared enemy.   Or the Iraq War – or the Syrian War – or the war in Yemen.   Palestine vs Israel promotes the Military Industrial Complex.   Missiles exchanged near daily cost $$$$$$$$.

The UN Peacekeepers who trafficked young girls after raping them was deemed acceptable by the UN.   No criminal charges.   No freedom for the girls trafficked.

The War on Drugs in Colombia is now 52 years old and the drug problem has worsened significantly!   Why? Because there never was a war on drugs there was simply a changing of the guard. The CIA saw the profit margins and took over the drug market.   For fifty years we accepted the illusion, the CIA version as a truthism. Now we have to question their role in ‘everything’.   When an employee goes rogue – they are fired.   When a company goes rogue – they crash their business.   When a country goes rogue – the globe teeters…

The values that create a growing society – trust, honor, integrity and security are core and yet every one has been breeched.   Our government, military, medical industry and every NGO are compromised.   Their actions are rooted in a singular intent – fraud.   Defrauding for the purpose of personal elevation – a disease – a sickness – that is mimicked by liberals whining and screaming and looting – and Killing. Learned.   Not prewired.

When crime is glorified and justice no longer exists, people become The Law.  

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.

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