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Majority of Germans Don’t Want Ukraine in NATO, Want Immediate Negotiations with Russia


This guy shows up with that sloppy beard, the rude sneer, wearing an undershirt, and Europe is like “this guy is really serious and has a serious plan.” Is that believable?
This guy shows up with that sloppy beard, the rude sneer, wearing an undershirt, and Europe is like “this guy is really serious and has a serious plan.” Is that believable?

The problem here is that Germany is a democracy, meaning that it is utterly irrelevant what the public thinks.

In Germany, an exemplary democracy, the only thing that matters is what the Jews in Washington want.


More than half of Germans do not support the idea of Ukraine joining NATO, a YouGov poll commissioned by Germany’s dpa news agency shows.

As many as 54% of the respondents opposed the prospect, the news agency reported on Friday.

Only 27% of those polled said they would agree to offer Kiev the prospect of membership in the US-led military bloc.

In April, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky claimed that most Europeans would not understand if Kiev does not get a “well-deserved invitation” to join NATO. The Ukrainian leader is now expected to take part in a NATO summit in Lithuania in July, according to dpa.

Most Germans want Kiev to start negotiations with Moscow instead, the YouGov poll shows. According to the survey, 55% of respondents called for negotiations between Russian and Ukraine on ending the conflict. Only 28% opposed this.

No one believes Zelensky is going to storm the beaches of Sevastopol and “take Crimea.” This is totally insane and nonsensical. It is not connected to any reality, because there is literally no scenario where that is possible.

Yes, if US/NATO fully committed their own troops, it is probably possible. But then you’d just have a world war. China would commit troops. Iran would send in the Revolutionary Guard. Other countries would likely commit material/troops. The war could not possibly be contained in the Ukraine, the global economy would collapse, and so on.

Maybe after years of sustained global war, “Ukraine” would control Crimea. But that would mean that both the Russian and Chinese states had collapsed.

So that scenario isn’t really “Ukraine taking Crimea,” but rather “US/NATO pulling the trigger on a world war.”

People supporting the “Ukraine will take Crimea” theory are either literal drooling retards, women, or people who just enjoy seeing mass slaughter for no purpose.

The 1991 borders only made sense as long as the Ukraine was a neutral country. When they decided to become a NATO country, an EU country, the borders became nonviable, because at least half of the country is Russian, and identifies strongly with Greater Russia.

During the collapse of the USSR, these borders became arbitrary. The Ukraine was an administrative unit of the Russian Empire, which was easy to break off during the chaos of the early 1990s.

Everyone knows all this. It’s not secret history, and it’s not something anyone argues, at least not in any academic or otherwise adult setting.

Remember when the British supported the partitioning of India, because it was determined that the multiple ethnic groups living there could not maintain peace?

The partitioning was peaceful, aside from some isolated incidents – and this involved large population transfers.

If the US government was not controlled by evil psychopaths hellbent on world domination, everyone would be proposing a plan to simply partition the Ukraine in a way that was satisfactory to all parties. In fact, that would have been proposed in 2014, if there was anything honest about any of this.

But if they were going to do that, they just as easily could have not funded a color revolution in the Ukraine in the first place.

Here’s the fact: anyone who tells you that any aspect of this war is justified is lying to you on purpose, or is so stupid and gullible as to be dismissed out of hand.

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