North America A Different Take on Ukraine

A Different Take on Ukraine


CN has been ahead of the news on Ukraine, from reporting the coup and warning of nuclear catastrophe as far back as 2015, to news of the current phase of the conflict. Help us to continue our coverage.

On Feb. 23, 2015, Robert Parry, the late founder of this website, warned that a U.S.-backed coup in Kiev and a war launched against the coup’s resisters in Ukraine’s east threatened the world with nuclear holocaust. It seemed an extreme position to take then. But does anyone think so today?

Having broken the biggest Iran-Contra stories for the Associated Press, Bob also broke the biggest stories debunking Russiagate for Consortium News, explaining how the phony scandal helped raise tensions between nuclear powers, including in Ukraine.

Parry distinguished himself with his coverage of the crisis in Ukraine from its beginning until his untimely death in January 2018.

He did not live to see his chilling forecasts being played out. Since Bob’s passing, we have endeavored to continue covering Ukraine in the same vein.  We warned 20 days in advance how the U.S. was provoking — and why it needed — Russia to intervene in Ukraine. We reported in March detailed confirmation of the U.S. strategy.

Our writers, such as Scott RitterPatrick LawrenceDiana Johnstone and Joe Lauria, have throughout the crisis offered an antidote to the Official Narrative.

If you want to continue reading a different take on Ukraine, please contribute today to Consortium News‘ 2023 Fall Fund Drive. Thank you. (See below for a growing archive of our top, original Ukraine stories).


Neocons and the Ukraine Coup  – Feb. 23, 2014

Ukraine’s Inconvenient Neo-Nazis – March 30, 2014

Ukraine, Through the US Looking Glass – April 16, 2014

Burning Ukraine’s Protestors Alive – May 10, 2014

Who’s Telling the Big Lie on Ukraine?  – Sept. 2, 2014

Ready for Nuclear War Over Ukraine? – Feb. 23, 2015

The Mess That Nuland Made – July 13, 2015

Troubling Gaps in the New MH-17 Report – Sept. 28, 2016


The Untold Story of the Trump-Ukraine ‘Scandal’: The Routine Corruption of US Foreign Policy – Sept. 26, 2019

Tangled Tale of NATO Expansion at the Heart of Ukraine Crisis – Jan. 28, 2022

What a US Trap for Russia in Ukraine Might Look Like – Feb. 4, 2022

Russia Begins Preparing For Refugees From Donbass – Feb. 18, 2022

Putin Recognizes Donbass Republics As Violence Soars – Feb. 21, 2022

Why Putin Went to War – Feb. 24, 2022

On a Knife’s Edge in Ukraine – March 11, 2002

Biden Confirms Why the US Needed This War – March 27, 2022

Is Putin’s War Legal? – March 29, 2022

Questions Abound About Bucha Massacre – April 4, 2022

Outrage as Azov Nazi Addresses Greek Parliament – April 8, 2022

Curfew for Anniversary of Odessa Massacre That Sparked Rebellion – April 30, 2022

Defensive West Smears Samarkand Summit – Sept. 21, 2022

The Timing of the Pipeline Attack – Sept. 28, 2022

On the Influence of Neo-Nazism in Ukraine – Dec. 29, 2022

Evidence of US-Backed Coup in Kiev – Dec. 29, 2022

Western Leaders Privately Say Ukraine Can’t Win the War – Feb. 25, 2023

As Bakhmut Falls, US May Turn From Ukraine, Starting With Pipeline Story – March 8, 2023

Leaks Spelling the End for Ukraine – April 17, 2023

Ukraine Timeline Tells the Story – June 30, 2023

US Victim of Own Propaganda in Ukraine War – Aug. 29, 2023



Pity the Nation – March 7, 2022

Phase Three in Ukraine – May 30, 2022

Reaping the Whirlwind – Sept. 22, 2022

Nuclear High Noon in Europe – Oct. 19, 2022

A ‘Dangerous, Bloody & Dirty Game – Nov. 3, 2022

Merkel Reveals West’s Duplicity – Dec. 5, 2022

2023 Outlook for Ukraine – Jan. 11, 2023

The Nightmare of NATO Arms to Ukraine – Jan. 24, 2023

The Nord Stream Andromeda Cover-Up – March 14, 2023



The Great Acquiescence – Glory to Ukraine – April 16, 2022

Ukraine & the Strength of Nonalignment – April 27, 2022

The New Iron Curtain – May 16, 2022

The Imaginary War – July 13, 2022

War as Presentation – Nov. 1, 2022

A War of Rhetoric & Reality – Dec. 27, 2022

Deaf, But Not Blind to US Decline – May 30, 2023



US Foreign Policy Is a Cruel Sport – Feb. 23, 2022

For Washington, War Never Ends – March 16, 2022

The Specter of Germany Is Rising – Sept. 12, 2022

Omerta in the Gangster War – Sept. 28, 2022

Demonstrate Together – Feb. 14, 2023

Germans Down & Russians Out – March 21, 2023

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